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  1. sailr

    中文密语交流地(only Chinese)

    暢所欲言,無論是沙雕笑話還是情緒發洩,這裡都歡迎你 畅所欲言,无论是沙雕笑话还是情绪发泄,这里都欢迎你
  2. sailr


    你可以在这发送一些中文梗(meme),但是请注意以下事项 1:禁止发布有关政治或与他人产生矛盾的梗(政治人物,宗教,地区争执):wacko: 2:禁止一些带有恶趣并会侮辱他人的梗(如信用点):ohnoes: 3:随便玩吧,支持以中文语法出发的梗(同音字,多义词等):wub: 玩的快乐! 繁: 你可以在這發送一些中文梗(meme),但是請注意以下事項 1:禁止發布有關政治或與他人産生矛盾的梗(政治人物,宗教,地區爭執):wacko: 2:禁止一些帶有惡趣並會侮辱他人的梗(如信用點):ohnoes: 3:隨便玩吧,支持以中文語法出發的梗(同音字,多義詞等):wub: 玩的快樂!
  3. sailr

    Please say stupid questions here

    Equality between men and women, why "man" comes first? If the fruit turns sour, it will be bad. Will the lemon never go bad? The law doesn't prohibit broom flying. Why doesn't everyone fly?:unsure:
  4. sailr

    If someone resells your translated game, what will you do?

    A translator and I jointly translated a game, but it was sold by a person two days later and claimed to be the original author. We exposed the incident, but it did not admit it. I was thinking, if it is you, how should you deal with it?:unsure:
  5. sailr

    ROM Hack Is there a tutorial on translating NDS games?

    Is there a tutorial on translating NDS games? I looked up a lot of Chinese materials, but they were too old, and most of them couldn't be viewed. Who knows? Thank you for your help. English is OK:yay:
  6. sailr

    ROM Hack On the translation of GBC games

    I know I shouldn't ask questions here, but I can't find GBC's forum, only GBA's,I'm translating Castlevania of GBC, but I find it has only 26 letters and a few symbols and numbers,Is there any way to add its text? I need to add hundreds of Chinese characters to complete the translation,I found...
  7. sailr

    Homebrew Will changing the country address be ban?

    I want to change Japan into China this
  8. sailr

    hello Hello, everyone

    hello I fome china macao,I like to play 3ds games:yay3ds::yaynds: and have participated in Chinese translation of some games.and and。。。。I seem to know some more programming.(I am noob:shy:)
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