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  1. ClancyDaEnlightened

    Rumor New modchip for Nintendo switch, to be compatible with all console models

    Looks like the cfw scene for the switch is getting a nice upgrade, no more team xecuter
  2. ClancyDaEnlightened

    how to install win 11 on unsupported hardware

    as everyone may know win 11 requires certain features present in order to install and will refuse if features are not present this actually can be easily bypassed, it requires a win 10 iso along with the win11 iso 1. get needed iso and download universal usb installer 2. use universal usb...
  3. ClancyDaEnlightened

    murica day

    Happy murica day 245 years ago we with help from the french told the king and queen of England to go suck the clear out of air
  4. ClancyDaEnlightened

    Handheld Virtual Boy
  5. ClancyDaEnlightened

    Apple Airtags Exploited

  6. ClancyDaEnlightened

    more "super Nintendo switch" news
  7. ClancyDaEnlightened

    Tutorial DMG Gameboy ips LCD & Case

    Note the replacement lcd cover is glass, feels like it, I'm not gonna try and test it.... Also the blue shell glows in the dark too!! It's a fluorescent green/white. Headphone warning this tablet sucks for videos, what you hear are my hands keeping the fucker in shot can't hear this while...
  8. ClancyDaEnlightened

    original gameboy case, battery, and speaker mod

    So I come to find after sitting for several months my lcd came back to life Either way still waiting on my ips lcd kit to finish it off ;) Also I repurposed the loudspeaker from my google pixel ( You may want to trim the excess plastic, its worth it as the stock...
  9. ClancyDaEnlightened

    game: who has the best internet?

    Post speed test Person with the highest speed test wins 100,000 points Ps. This is a game where the points don't matter
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  11. ClancyDaEnlightened

    Please don't be angry

    If payphone fails to operate leave address in box below and you WILL be reimbursed! BUT DONT FUCK WIT DA PHONE!!!
  12. ClancyDaEnlightened

    retro tempy!

  13. ClancyDaEnlightened

    what shows have you been watching?

    I found recently I've been binge watching dragnet:
  14. ClancyDaEnlightened

    hello to tempers!

    Hellos, I a big fan of temp, also a big fan of hackmod, just like you tepmers, aslo I like making hak while I play, who do stuff to win withs game, I like hangbang game, is good also like fight, I teach, talk, and tell of fight! Its good to talk becows you all strong of fight, say "Fucks!" and...
  15. ClancyDaEnlightened

    Temp revolution!

    Legend has it that the mods of gbatemp are not true mods, they are imposters, they exiled kivan, and setup their own façade! They spent all these long tedious years covering up these dirty deeds, as they are too biased and immature to let the facts be known and let the truth be freed However...
  16. ClancyDaEnlightened

    ◍ ◎ ◯ ❍ ◉ ⦾ ⊙ ⦿ ⊜ ⊖ ⊘ ⊚ ⊛ ⊝ ● ⚫

    . .-------------------. | | | | | P A R E N T A L | | |...
  17. ClancyDaEnlightened

    the edge of the thread

    You got me so close to the edge, I'm bout to lose my head
  18. ClancyDaEnlightened

    200ug of lsd and blank white paper..

    I decided to draw what I saw....(tracing out patterns that I could make out)
  19. ClancyDaEnlightened

    Atari xl mylar replacement! Took about 3 days to ship: Replacement is simple remove keyboard, and remove backplate, DO NOT FLIP KEY ASSEMBLIES AFTER REMOVING PLATE, ALL KEYS HAVE SPRINGS THAT MAKE CONTACT WITH MYLAR, THEY WILL FALL OUT IF DO NOT KEEP THE KEYBOARD FACING DOWN!! Swap...
  20. ClancyDaEnlightened

    Hacking Diy switch modchip Found this switch modchip pcb, requires self assembly, trinket m0 based clone, by someone named stratos it costs roughly $5 per pcb, for 3 pcbs BOM cost of $15 usd fully assembled
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