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  1. akuchan

    Tempmas 2012 Week 4: Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

    Mine would have to be the trip to Bali my brother organised for his wedding. Great experience, and really relaxing few days to get away from all the troubles.
  2. akuchan

    Sega To Release NiGHTS HD for PC/PSN/XBLA

    More love for PC, sweet!
  3. akuchan

    Darks Souls Only Coming to Games for Windows Live

    It may still come out on steam as there's multiple games on steam which also use GFWL, it's just not using steamworks for it's multiplayer, achievements etc.
  4. akuchan

    Tempmas 2011 - Week 1!

    I win
  5. akuchan

    Gaming Theatrhythm Final Fantasy gameplay

    I think it's too early to say things like 'it looks too easy' and such having only seen such little footage. But the concept of this, if the gameplay is anywhere near as good as Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! then I'm sold. A lot of people forgetting just how good Final Fantasy music is and if this is...
  6. akuchan

    Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011

    Monster Hunter 4... holy sh*t..
  7. akuchan

    New Deus Ex graphical overhaul mod released!

    Hmm, I think this video may convince you, it is very thorough and he is a well respected youtuber, TotalHalibut/TotalBiscuit, you may or may not have heard of him. Warning, video is almost 2 hours long, but if lucky, the first 10 minutes will convince you...
  8. akuchan

    Hardware 20 free games enough to compensate?

    It is better than nothing for sure, but like many others I'm not exactly planning to go on a nostalgia trip... I see some really nice, classic games in the bunch, but is that really enough for me to play through them again just because it's for free and on the 3DS? Personally for me it isn't...
  9. akuchan

    Capcom exec hints at Monster Hunter for PSVita and 3DS

    Heh I just wanted to focus on the controls rather than compare game wise, since as far as we know MH 3DS and MH Vita doesn't even exist yet, so I'm just talking on the assumption that both games are equal =p But if it does make it to 3DS, we can assume the controls will be at least as good as...
  10. akuchan

    Capcom exec hints at Monster Hunter for PSVita and 3DS

    lol there was never any mention of single analog being 'bad' at all, anywhere. Stop being so defensive. We all know how important control is in Monster Hunter, and it's a no brainer that dual analog will provide slightly better control if it's anything like the PS2 or Wii classic controller...
  11. akuchan

    Sony: "Price doesn't make or kill a platform"

    "Price doesn't make or kill a platform" True that, just because it's cheaper than the 3DS launch price doesn't mean it's worse. jks lol
  12. akuchan

    Gaming Australian roll call!

    Mines 3695-0047-2073 Got rabbids and street fighter 4, not a huge SFIV fan but needed something to kill time.... depressing launch titles
  13. akuchan

    Play the 3DS In Australia!!

    $399 x_x obviously telling us to import, I think it'll be more close to $350 but still not worth $100 over US price, DERPPP
  14. akuchan

    3DS Preorders Avaliable

    That price is not abnormal for an Australian price, but is it reasonable? HELL NO, that is why we import all our crap lol
  15. akuchan

    Apple’s become very arrogant, says Sony

    Who gives a ****, I love playin my ps3 hahah loserssss
  16. akuchan

    Nintendo disappoints fans: 3DS was an April Fool

    I knew this was fake! cause this news was actually released ON april fools lol, oh plus the fact that a google news search came up with nothing about a fake 3ds joke.
  17. akuchan

    FFXIII Director Wants To Remake Final Fantasy VII

    lol if they do end up makinh a FFXIII quality remake of FFVII, all the haters would secretly want to buy it while yelling FFVII sucks! Anyways alot more people like the idea of the remake than people who don't like it, so..... I'm not talking about forum campers and gaming geeks, but general...
  18. akuchan

    New RPG to be released to ipod touch and iphone

    Iphone gaming is huge so these companies should definately concentrate more on it, well I'm saying that just cause my iphone has completely replaced my DS lol *cough i mean ipod touch*
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