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    Hacking Gif to Custom Boot Animation?

    Ok So I'm trying to use mkanim to make a custom boot screen from a gif, but no matter what I seem to do the animation seems to come out as the generic little campfire one that's used as an example. I have mkanim.exe +gzip+ imagemagick at F:\vitaboot and my gif is at...
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    Hardware Angled Vita Cable?

    Ok so I want to attach a powerbank to the back of my vita but I don't want to have a cord sticking out the bottom. Has anyone ever seen an angled vita charger, or modified a standard cable themselves? Just wondering how difficult it would be.
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    Hacking Pokemon Black 2 Can't Save

    Hi, I'm using a crappy R4i Gold from, it's not the 3-d one but the one before that. I'm not sure that they even support it anymore, so I'm not sure what firmware I'm on but I've been using ysmenu 6.99 pretty succesfully . Pokemon Black 2 was saving good for a while, but now it...
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