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  1. Lewigi

    How many IRL friends do you have?

    It all depends on who you consider a friend. How do I distinguish between a friend an an acquaintance? What about a group of friends where i'm very good friends with some, but don't really know a couple of the others in the group despite being in their company often? Are they still considered...
  2. Lewigi

    Gaming My pc build

    Not read through the full topic, but just giving my opinion anyway. 8gb RAM is overkill, get 4gb and make it 1600MHz as opposed to 1033MHz. If it's a single stick then you can upgrade later. Cheaper/slower cpu. Your computer will still start quickly and the i5 is not needed if it's mainly for...
  3. Lewigi

    Mari0 is out

    Meh, without the 3rd dimension portal puzzles are incredibly easy. Ever played the 2d flash portal game online? Fun, but not challenging at all
  4. Lewigi

    Mass Effect 3 sells 900k in 24 hours

    You're really missing the point aren't you? It's not about having time, it's that the developer would not have had the money to make additional content if they didn't have the additional revenue that the content brings. So for the most part it's not feasible for the developers to "included the...
  5. Lewigi

    Mass Effect 3 sells 900k in 24 hours

    This. You know before buying it that you are buying the game and the game alone. Do you complain about sequels because you don't get them for free after buying the first game?! No matter if the dlc is made at the same time as the game, or if it's made a year later, it's still a separate product...
  6. Lewigi

    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    Thanks FIX and Krest :)
  7. Lewigi

    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    I've been away from the scene for a while. But i just tried to play my copy of mario and sonic at the olympics and it's saying i need to update first. Then the update is failing (my wii is softmodded of course). Do i need to install some sort of custom firmware to play this game?
  8. Lewigi

    GBAtemp Recommends! Mario Golf Advance Tour

    I thought the point of these was to highlight little-known or overlooked classics rather than big games like this (and tennis). That's not to say this isn't worth a look tho, great game.
  9. Lewigi

    The 'You Are Banned' Game

    banned for giving boring reply
  10. Lewigi

    The 'You Are Banned' Game

    You are banned for not having an N64 backup unit
  11. Lewigi

    Explain your avatar

    it's a picture of Lewigi featured one year in the "8bit" gallery. I ahve it because my name on here is lewigi
  12. Lewigi

    Your guilty pleasure(s)...

    I'm afraid if i was to tell you i'd get jailed for life (which is only about 3 years here in the uk )
  13. Lewigi

    King of Kong.... WOW.

    It was a good movie, but the director/editor was clearly biased and maybe showed some things a little out of context. However it would be hard not to be biased against a prick like billy mitchell
  14. Lewigi

    Pc Headset help

    In the quiet one, go to the loudspeaker in the bottom right of your screen. look for microphone there, if u can't see it then click the options and view it. then tick the "microphone boost" box and that should solve it. If you are using a different audio codec/program (i.e. i am using realtek)...
  15. Lewigi

    Hacking GBA Flash Cart Looks like teh best option surprised by how cheap they all are. thanks for your help guys
  16. Lewigi

    Hacking GBA Flash Cart

    Hello I'm looking for a cheap GBA flash cart for us with my gameboy micro. So any recommendations of where to buy and what one to buy is what i'm looking for from you P.S. I am in the UK and i can only use paypal, or a visa electron card (which some places do not accept)
  17. Lewigi

    Nintendo blocks use of PassMe!

    So much for that. Nintendo were just pwn3d
  18. Lewigi


    Spammer! btw, they fixed it now. yay
  19. Lewigi


    Anyone gonna answer me? I asked 1 year and 1 day ago.
  20. Lewigi

    Hacking FAKE SuperCard SD version appear!!!

    is there fake supercard mini-sd's out yet? Cause that would really suck
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