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    Emulation any good place for BOTW character model replacing

    so i wanna start adding to game banana and replacing link with different characters is it the same process as smash wii u just replace my custom model over links bones paint weight it and upload? any info
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    Hacking Free goo would it be hard to port?

    would it be hard to port free goo? its open source World of goo would go well on the vita
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    Hacking Black ops 2 public match pointer codes (eur)

    Nah didn’t get that far haha
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    Hacking ps3/ps4 controller on vita?

    Ds4vita works ok but psvitaminitv plug-in is the best just can’t look left and right for some reason auto This plugin is amazing! But for some reason I can’t look left and right you should test it mate
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    Hacking Can’t turn left or right with psvita mini tv plugin

    recentally installed this plugin and everything works fine with my ds4 controller except when I try to look around it only responds to up and down
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    Hacking Black ops 2 public match pointer codes (eur)

    What code you looking for lad? I suggest going to the psvita community people who play the wii u are generally dicks
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    Hacking MOD (60 fps) PSVita USB streaming! (UVC USB Video Class) Limit to 504p

    You reckon this could work with raspberry pi 3B
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    Hacking [RELEASE] PSVita USB streaming (UVC - USB Video Class)

    Does any one reckon this could support streaming to raspberry pie 3b using another application other than obs that works for the raspberry pi b3? I’m waiting for my pie to come so I can try to make a pstv and remove the laptop middle man
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    Hacking My h encore app turned into some Japanese game??

    so I removed the trophy nag and h encore turned into some jap game??
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    Hacking SD2VITA failing on VPK installs

    in vita shell or on your computer rename the temp file on the root of your sd card and reboot :D this worked for me
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    Hacking Vita shell 1.9 error 0x80010011

    Found the fix I just removed the temp folder on the root of my ux0 directory
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    Hacking Vita shell 1.9 error 0x80010011

    Hi recently I updated to enso 3.65. Every thing was fine till I installed some recovery app vpk, I forgot the exact name of it. But I was looking through it and I pressed an option that said update database, once I pressed it the database updated and my console restarted and I lost all my games...
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    Hacking The Modding Of Isaac Vita Edition | The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth Mods On Playstation Vita

    I replace the entire recourse folder with the one you provided with for the binding of Isaac god mode, there are certain files I shouldn’t copy over?
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    Hacking The Modding Of Isaac Vita Edition | The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth Mods On Playstation Vita

    When ever I replace recourses with one of the mod packs provided and I am using the us copy of the game when I than try and load it up the game crashes with error c2-12828-1 please help
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    Hacking VitaCheat question and Borderlands 2

    Hey mate, what memory range do you search when hacking borderlands2? Thanks
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    Hacking Black ops 2 public match pointer codes (eur)

    Use bullies tcp gecko app and this is only for eur region auto I suck dick mate so no chance but I get back to Aus in 49 days I can get you a usa code for tokens just have to wait a bit sorry mate auto I was quick to sing I got a plan but to far from home AT the moment only can inject...
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    Hacking Black ops 2 public match pointer codes (eur)

    Nice just cut away some of the code and can make it work cod just 1 person haha Prestige hack is no good i can only get a temporary change so fuck that only bully has the knowledge to do a proper prestige hack so probably just forget about it and solth probably knows how to because his riding...
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    Homebrew Official [Release] Saviine - WiiU savedata tool

    when i try to dump common save i get this error can any one help? rpl,mp,f,WIIUAB,246,cl1520921,Wed Jul 09 20:52:49 2014 level: mp_la host >>**** 1 script error(s): [0x29dc9ac] Stack Trace: Main Server Backend Database Stream Worker0 Worker1 0x024ecfe4 0x0103d2fc...
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    Hacking Black ops 2 public match pointer codes (eur)

    good new i now have mod menus working on wii u pal black ops 2 will be releasing a how to you tube video tomorrow i hope this is the address 23535F80 where the file must be uploaded 3E000000 free memory thanks to the old mate who helped with free memory @KeyZiro your mod menu works
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