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  1. Chary

    PvP servers for Dark Souls series taken down following concerns over RCE exploit

    All PvP servers for the Dark Souls games have been deactivated after Bandai Namco was made aware of a major exploit that can be performed. This was revealed by Twitch user The_Grim_Sleeper, as they were invaded by another player who then used a remote code execution exploit to open Narrator on...
  2. Chary

    Steam Deck will support games that have Easy Anti-Cheat

    Easy Anti-Cheat is, as the name implies, a cheat prevention tool. It's utilized by a massive amount of online PC games to prevent hackers from becoming too prevalent, including the likes of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and others. Due to the...
  3. Chary

    Legends Arceus will suck

    Nah and it's great. Variety in places to explore, lots of quests, catching pokemon for the Dex is actually fun for once, it's kinda metal that Pokémon are trying to kill you, it's very botw-like with the fact that you can explore where you can manage to get to, but you might get wrecked by...
  4. Chary

    I'm so sorry for your loss

    I'm so sorry for your loss
  5. Chary

    Ryujinx taken down from Appveyor, project to move to GitHub Releases

    Nintendo Switch emulator Ryujinx will be changing its release system, due to a problem with its current set up. AppVeyor has previously been hosting Ryujinx and has allowed for users to automatically update their builds whenever a new release is out. However, you won't be able to do that...
  6. Chary

    Anker Soundcore Frames

    For some, True Wireless earbuds are enough to satisfy the need forlistening to music on the go. Others, however, might be left wanting something more unique. Those are who Anker seems to have been targeting, with the release of the Soundcore Frames--glasses that function as both shades and as an...
  7. Chary

    Modder releases 60fps mod for Final Fantasy VII on PC

    One of the greatest facets of PC gaming is the ability to take games and modify them. Years of effort from fans have resulted in mods that enhance the experience, completely overhaul the gameplay, or even fix bugs that the developers haven't. When it comes to Final Fantasy VII, the PC port was...
  8. Chary

    Steam Deck compatibility has been updated with its first group of compatible games

    How the heck does P4G not work. Vita for life.
  9. Chary

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask arrives on Nintendo Switch Online next month

    On the heels of the arrival of Banjo Kazooie onto the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service, Nintendo already has yet another heavy hitter of a Nintendo 64 title to offer for subscribers next month. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask will be launching on NSO sometime next month...
  10. Chary

    Pokémon Legends Arceus leaked 9 days prior to release

    Ten hours in now. Can't stop playing lol. Thank you based retail street date breakers. Performance handheld is atrocious. Battles hitch and freeze. Docked is fine. Gameplay is very fun. The map is huge and you unlock more areas as you go. Seems like there's a lot of water areas so hopefully...
  11. Chary

    Pokémon Legends Arceus leaked 9 days prior to release

    They didn't though? Both stealth and traditional status affliction+red health are viable ways to catch different pokemon.
  12. Chary

    Holy crap legends arceus is super fun. Really surprised. And happy!

    Holy crap legends arceus is super fun. Really surprised. And happy!
  13. Chary

    Pokémon Legends Arceus leaked 9 days prior to release

    Ugly textures but I don't even care. This has made me enjoy Pokémon again for the first time in forever
  14. Chary

    Sacrificial turtle

    Sacrificial turtle
  15. Chary

    Nintendo Switch firmware update 13.2.1 released, Atmosphere updated to 1.2.6

    Mere hours after Pokémon Legends Arceus was leaked online, a new Nintendo Switch update quietly released. As usual, the menu of the day is as expected, with version 13.2.1 adding nothing but stability. You'll want to refrain from updating if you're running CFW until more is known about this...
  16. Chary

    Tempcast Microsoft Purchases Activision Blizzard! - Tempcast #72

    You've sold me on the episode with the thumbnail alone
  17. Chary

    It’s time to perform occult rituals to find your soulmate.

    It’s time to perform occult rituals to find your soulmate.
  18. Chary

    What does the site look like to staff members?

    Staff: we do it for fun or to give back to the community Poster: no, no, let me armchair psychologist and tell you that you don't A good majority of the mod team spent years just posting on the site for nothing but fun. If, for whatever reason, we didn't need the mods anymore, I'm sure they'd...
  19. Chary

    Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard in record-setting $68.7 billion deal

    Activision Blizzard sure wasn't doing anyone any favors as they were. What's the last thing they made that wasn't a remake, clawing specifically at nostalgia? All they've done for years is crank out middling sequels to their biggest IPs and have actually talented side studios work on remasters...
  20. Chary

    "Playing computer games excessively is a tacit admission of a s**ty life"

    Our time on this earth is so short, why not spend it doing things you enjoy in your free time? Whatever brings you happiness or satisfaction, or even just serves to fill a hole in your life. That's not to say it's healthy to spend every waking moment gaming or involved in it--there's more to...
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