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  1. fateastray

    Hacking When was the most recent email response from Team Gateway?

    between 1 and 2,147,483,647 (int32.maxvalue)
  2. fateastray

    Hacking Where to get a firmware 4.5 or below 3DS XL?

    No, use this and check the firmware numbers :
  3. fateastray

    Hacking Where to get a firmware 4.5 or below 3DS XL?

    got a 6.2 from him. SEH121. I sold it within 2 minutes haha and bought a grey/black one locally (SEH108)
  4. fateastray

    Apple Applies for a Patent to Remotely Disable Jailbreak/Unlock

    Only a few more days, and so can I...
  5. fateastray

    Petition against Android lawsuit

    Signed anyway ! I'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S next week ! psx4droid ! =3
  6. fateastray

    Gaming Which GBC games do you still play on your GBA?

    LoZ: Link's Awakening Final Fantasy Legend II & III Pokemon Yellow Dragon Warrior III But all on an emulator on my phone. It's just ideal.
  7. fateastray

    Homebrewer brings 3D to PSP

    It might not look pretty. Nonetheless, amazing Proof-of-Concept
  8. fateastray

    Gaming Tales of Innocence

    Love everything except for the backtracking in the dungeons... Still, I yet have to come across a Tales game as engaging as Phantasia.
  9. fateastray

    ROM Hack Tales of Innocence Transl. (Absolute Zero) v1.0 PATCH RELEASED

    Yes. Thanks so much! Can't wait to try it! You guys are SO cool!
  10. fateastray

    Gaming Would you buy a UMD new for $5?

    I wouldn't. My favorite kebabs are 5 bucks
  11. fateastray

    Gaming Zelda ripoff?

    A little far fetched, but maybe Dungeon Explorer?
  12. fateastray

    Gaming Best RPG Game (No FF)

    One of the RPG's I enjoyed most on DS was Magical Starsign, but I never see anyone mentioning it.
  13. fateastray

    Nintendo Wii Made Me Nympho!

    Looking at those pictures, she at least takes her alleged condition seriously..... Why don't the ones ever get in such a state? =[
  14. fateastray

    Gaming do you agree the psp is a fail?

    I like my PSP and it has had a LOT of great games, however, the future of the PSP feels unsure...I don't feel as if there's much to look forward to... I'm even considering selling mine, but I'm afraid, that if I did, I'd regret it. I was really hoping Mimana Iyar Chronicle would be a good game...
  15. fateastray

    Pokemon Black and White Screens!

    Oh, for God sake!! This is just insulting to the fans! I'm gonna end up playing it nonetheless and can't help but love it..............Damn you, Nintendo!
  16. fateastray

    Gaming which games have really sucked you in?

    Final Fantasy 3 and Magical Starsign
  17. fateastray

    Big train crash in Belgium

    on the news today they mentioned this wasn't the first time the guy ignored a red sign.
  18. fateastray

    dutch government has fallen (again)

    Funny how everyone generalizes muslims as a race. Those "muslims" you speak of has nothing to do with the muslim community, but with their ethnic community. Wilders can only come up with superficial solutions which don't do dick on the long run. He just says what the dumb masses like to hear...
  19. fateastray

    dutch government has fallen (again)

    Jesus, you're one of those? And how is Wilders gonna take care of the education, health care, economy, tax raises etc? Or are the muslims to blame for that too? Before you even dare take a step to vote, get some more political insight, don't follow the masses. Wilders can only shout silly...
  20. fateastray

    Lufia DS trailer

    Lufia 2 is one of my favorite games, but this isn't very appealing. I don't like how it's an action-rpg. For that matter, I don't recognize anything from the SNES version in the trailer...I'll stick to the SNES version, I think. I hope they use all the original music, though.
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