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  1. shaunj66

    Viewing meme box on mobile

    This is a bug I've noticed. Sometimes the viewer doesn't load for some reason so clicking the image just opens it in the browser/new tab. We'll look into it.
  2. shaunj66

    Things you recently bought or got

    Not very exciting I know - but I use YouTube a lot and the amount of ads these days is just absurd. Managed to get a year of YouTube premium via interesting methods for £8.48 (11 USD) upfront for 12 months. :P
  3. shaunj66

    ROM Hack Pokemon Legends Arceus Cheat Database

    Please remember that it is strictly against GBAtemp terms and rules to link to, or to suggest places where you can obtain copyrighted material such as game ROMs etc.
  4. shaunj66

    Pokémon Legends Arceus leaked 9 days prior to release

    Pokémon Legends Arceus has leaked online 9 days prior to the January 28th release date. We have received reports of an XCI around 7.4GB in size appearing in certain places online. Initial testing appears the title does not boot on the Yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator. Further details to follow...
  5. shaunj66

    Sending good vibes

    Sending good vibes
  6. shaunj66

    Sending good vibes <3

    Sending good vibes <3
  7. shaunj66

    Cemu roadmap reveals open-source plans, Linux port and more

    Team Cemu have revealed a roadmap that details their future plans for the popular Wii U emulator in 2022 and beyond. The proposed targets include a native Linux version of Cemu which they state is currently about 70% complete but is reliant on other proposed changes (which they document) to see...
  8. shaunj66

    The Meme Box

  9. shaunj66

    OpenLara - a stunning GBA port of the 1996 classic Tomb Raider

    In what appears to be an impossible feat, GBAtemp member @XProger has managed to get the the original 1996 PlayStation and PC classic, Tomb Raider running on the Game Boy Advance. OpenLara is open-source project that can function as a replacement engine for Tomb Raider (1996) and is available...
  10. shaunj66

    'Dying Light 2 Stay Human' gets new gameplay trailer and console comparison footage

    Can't wait for this game. The first one was great and Techland are such a great studio who are still supporting the first game to this date. I played through the first one in online co-op and would recommend to anyone who wants a good time!
  11. shaunj66

    OpenLara - GBA port

    This is amazing. I will front page this soon!
  12. shaunj66

    I'm still not sure what an NFT even is

    I'm still not sure what an NFT even is
  13. shaunj66

    Air Link is much better for me in terms of latency and compression. I hear it's totally...

    Air Link is much better for me in terms of latency and compression. I hear it's totally dependent on your system which one is better though
  14. shaunj66

    A PS4 build of Horizon Forbidden West has reportedly leaked a month prior to launch

    Looking forward to this game. Hopefully it fixes some of the gripes I had with the first one
  15. shaunj66

    Give-away Happy New Year 2022 & Raffle Live Drawing (Updated With Winners)

    Glad to see it arrived safely! Enjoy it!
  16. shaunj66

    Start of 2022 - CES, PSVR 2, Project Caliper & more!

    At first I was gutted that PSVR2 isn't wireless but the more I think about the clarity and quality of the image that it will offer with the specs they've revealed so far and the power of the PS5 ; the more excited I get. It's gonna be a day one purchase for me. As much as I love my Q2 and...
  17. shaunj66

    Population One is kinda fun!

    Population One is kinda fun!
  18. shaunj66

    Battered sausages are awesome

    Battered sausages are awesome
  19. shaunj66

    Sony details new information about the PSVR2 at CES 2022, Horizon VR game announced

    I really, really hope they also announce a wireless Pro version. Quest shows it can be done with a standard router so a direct connection between PS5 over Wi-fi 6 should be even better. 110deg FOV is nice but I was also honestly expecting a tad wider.
  20. shaunj66

    Hope you feel better soon. Sending good vibes

    Hope you feel better soon. Sending good vibes
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