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  1. Hernie

    Hacking Game cart no working

    Quick question guys...I'm using SXOS 2.9.3, Sysnand is on 4.1.0, just updated my emunand from 8.1.0 to 9.1.0. everything works fine, but I just (for the first time in forever) used a real cartridge and it does nothing. I tried the cartridge in Sysnand OFW and it crashes....I understand why the...
  2. Hernie

    Hacking Question Boot a lower firmware nand backup with Hekate or SXOS

    Not saying that I want to do this, but I was talking to someone about this. If someone had updated to 6.2 in ofw (burned fuses), and then restored their nand backup from 5.1.0. Could they still boot into it with Hekate or sxos? Does the "ignore fuse check" work both ways?
  3. Hernie

    Hacking Discussion Logistics of emunand

    Although I understand the concept of emunand and what it's intended to achieve, I have never actually used one on any system. How exactly is the emuNand updated? Will there be a program like choidujournx, and you select "update emuNand" instead of "update sysnand"? Will I just be able to use my...
  4. Hernie

    Hacking Question About backing up nand

    I backed up my raw nand back when hekate was around version 1.6 or so. I didn't back up my boot emmc. When in the future emuNand is released, and I choose to use my backed up clean nand, am I screwed because I didn't back up my emmc until now? Will my emmc appear to be tampered with since I've...
  5. Hernie

    Homebrew Question NSPatcher-like program to patch XCI??

    Is this even possible?? Or maybe covert XCI to NSP, remove firmware requirements then convert back to XCI.
  6. Hernie

    Hacking Question Family members being banned

    Does anyone know or have an idea if my console gets banned, and I have a second switch that is a child's account that is linked to mine, will it get banned, too?
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