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  1. fateastray

    Gaming Microsoft WGA Notification

    Every time my computer boots up, it prompts me to install the WGA Notification software. (Windows Genuine Advantage) Basically this is spyware by MS. Does anyone know how to disable this prompt. So far it hasn't tampered with any windows functions, but it's hella annoying during the booting process.
  2. fateastray

    Devil May Cry PSP CANCELED!

    NO, no no no no! source:
  3. fateastray

    Patapon 2 DOWNLOAD ONLY

    Sony decided to release Patapon 2 as a download-only game. This means that if you want to lend it out, give it away or sell it, you're screwed. Especially the people who sell games when they're bored with it, now you can only delete it. Another reason to pirate, huzzah. Source...
  4. fateastray

    Gaming Phantasy Star Portable

    Phantasy Star Portable, which is gonna be the new multiplayer giant and closest thing to Phantasy Star Universe. It's coming out March 3rd. IGN doesn't list too much info on this 'cept screenies (Clicky), but there's a lot of footage on Youtube. Trail0r! I dare even say this is gonna top...
  5. fateastray

    Gaming alternate PSPmedia player?

    I was wondering if there was some kind of homebrew that enables me to playback other types of media, like realmedia on the PSP? Something along the lines of a Realplayer PSP...
  6. fateastray

    Warn level

    Say what your warn level is and why it's as high. Mines 10%, for flaming Bob in a Bob thread. Although he had it coming to him, and he's being called worse in the same thread by many others who don't get moderated...Anyway, 10%, for that reason! NEXT!
  7. fateastray

    Gaming psp: The Force Unleashed

    I have a question on how to beat a certain boss.
  8. fateastray

    Gaming NIS America classic rpg's coming this way!

    If you visited IGN today, you can read, that next to Disgaea, Rhapsody is also coming to the DS! And not only that, a new action rpg called 'A Witch's Tale' is also under development. Better yet, there's already a hands-on review! A Witch's Tale:
  9. fateastray

    Gaming Starlite DS

    Has anyone seen this yet? O_O video: edit: Tested and working!
  10. fateastray

    ROM Hack One Piece Gear Spirit

    As the title says? Is there a translation for this game? EIther a patch or a text file? Thanks in advance
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