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    ROM Hack Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission

    you've posted this in the wrong section this is for DS game hacking haha, when I first saw this topic though, my heart leaped for joy lmao, nice trick man
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    wind waker
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    ok, first, forget the 3 analog stick problem because, WE HAVE A TOUCH SCREEN you can put whatever buttons you want on there ALSO, we know that 3DS games are gonna be minimum 2GB and most gamecube games are only 1.5GB and you know what, maybe nintendo will surprise us none of us have seen what...
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    what if it had it;s own batteries and no, the PSPs UMD drive is not very heavy it would only be a little heavier, and nintendo could emulate gamecube games if they wanted to trust me, they'd make it possible
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    no it wouldn't, I'm thinking it would be about as thick as the unit it's self, and a bit wider it could work, just wouldn't fit in your pocket, but it WOULD be small enough to carry around with you in the house or in the car/train/bus Posts merged yah I get that too Nintendo is NOT smart and...
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    stfu the top screen SHOULD have enough power, all you need is a disk drive to do all the work I could even see hackers making something lyk that (but of course, not selling it -.-)
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    ah, sorry, I didn't know that's what their calling the PSP2 I thought maybe someone else was making a new handheld (lyk microsoft or apple)
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    Hacking Whats the size of the game ?

    would say... you'll see a few really small ones eventually that will be about 500MB, but only for something with really low graphics
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    well what if, as I said, nintendo released a disk drive attachment, so you can put the disks in and play the games on the top screen I think this would be possible if nintendo was smart, that's what they'd do
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    what's the NGP?
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    hmm well what about PS1 and N64 and how do you know it's not 3x more powerful?
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    Hacking Gamecube emulation

    apparently the 3DS will be, in some ways, more powerful than the Wii I have been thinking for a long time that, even if it's less powerful than the wii but at least more powerful than the PSP, that gamecube emulation COULD work but if you look at THIS you'll see that the developers are saying...
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    ROM Hack New Super Mario World - Spenstar Edition

    heh, me too this was also my first GBA game and is one of my favorites if you need another hacker (well, in training) I'll be happy to help BTW, I have one question are you gonna hack the world maps too?
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    Gaming DS RPG List

    you forgot Narnia: Prince Caspian
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    ROM Hack Phoenix Wright 2 - Paid SSEQ edit

    ok, I can do this email me at [email protected] and we'll discuss the terms ok? I have the required skills I am currently working on a english translation hack for Death Note (DS) so me and my hacking team should be able to help you also, here is my website...
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    Hacking Black Ops iso (burned to disk) not working

    It shows the logos and stuff, then it says loading on the bottom corner of the screen and just freezes lyk that anyone having the same problem? any solutions?
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Gl annoying me now

    well he never said any of that, he just assumed that everyone would know what he was talking about
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Gl annoying me now

    wait, are you talking about the pokewalker???
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Gl annoying me now are you talking about what is pokemon g you mean gold? and your not allowed to bump
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    ROM Hack Death Note games translation project (need help)

    well i got the rom open and found the files, but the program i was using failed long story short, i lost everything i'm gonna need a new program to open the rom anyone got anything???
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