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  1. Knightwill

    Gaming Out region games is it risky

    Is it bad move play out region games will it ban just For online play? or For offline only?
  2. Knightwill

    Homebrew Ledybot for USUM

  3. Knightwill

    Gaming Pokemon Genning Risk

    Is Genning pokemon and trading/battle them have downside/disadvantage? like ban game or system ban
  4. Knightwill

    Hacking R4 timebomb

    which r4 has no timebomb Any advise
  5. Knightwill

    Hacking NTR questions

    is ntr safe from ban if your just stream i want to create gaming channel
  6. Knightwill

    Hacking NTR CFW steaming safe?

    is ntr safe form ban if your just stream pokemon with nfc patch maybe? Do anyone have experiance using ntr for video creation purpose share.
  7. Knightwill

    Hacking Is safe to go online with cia games

    i just got cfw and many forum said not go online play unlegit title What are do dont of cfw?
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