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  1. OnHaDe

    Hacking Question Clean User Backup

    I bet. Interestingly what killed the chip was a factory reset of the switch. Initially I was not able to create a full backup because a part of the nand seemed to be broken, so I backed up everything I could and after trying a bunch of other things I did a hard reset which killed the chip...
  2. OnHaDe

    Hacking Question Clean User Backup

    My old eMMC died. Luckily I was able to dump all partitions (except USER) and the prod.keys beforehand. I got a new eMMC, but was unable to get its keys for some reason (probably wiped or something). Now my problem is that I need a clean unencrypted USER backup, so I can restore my old eMMC...
  3. OnHaDe

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Hey everyone, I have the following issue: I am trying to create a eMMC RAW GPP backup in Hekate, but everytime I get the error Error reading 8192 blocks @ LBA 0387000, from eMMC(try 1) with the backup eventually aborting and failing. I have tried this with a SD formatted in Fat32 and exFat, a...
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