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  1. chuberry

    Hacking SD Card troubleshooting

    Hi all I decided to make new thread to keep track of SD card problems, since I ran into many. The idea is to maintain in this message problems and fixes so it hopefully can help other people. My SD card : samsung EVO micro sdxc PLUS 256 GB speed 3, class 10 Just installed CFW the switch boot...
  2. chuberry

    Hacking Haxchii stop working after installing wii fit u quick check

    Hi all, I am using 5.5.2 EUR black console since August. I installed the free app wii fit u quick check from the official eShop on redNAND. The application installed smoothly but it kind of patched my Haxchii. I am not sure how but Haxchii just stoped working, black screen after starting it all...
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