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    Hacking ScummVM G6DS Real 16GB

    ScummVM 0.10a boots up fine and I can startup a game but when its a talky it always lags each time it has to load a new line of speech. This wasn't a problem on my 8GB G6DS but that had other problems due to the early DLDI patching. Anyone else got this problem on original talky versions (DOTT...
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    Hacking Mediatextend/Moonshell font selection

    When I am reading an ebook in moonshell on my G6DS real I can't change font type. It lists them but I can't select them. Do I have to place the font types somewhere on the G6?
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    Hacking G6 Real SCUMMVM

    Is there a tutorial anywhere to get Scummvm working on a G6DS Real? I tried searching but only found a lot of conflicting information.
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    Hacking Ebook functionality

    What kind of e-books can be viewed by the g6 lite? .txt, .pdf?
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    Hacking G6 Lite Help

    I just received my G6 Lite Retail. This is my first "flash card" and I was wondering where I could find some basic information regarding its useage. Like is rom trimming a good idea on all my roms or not? How best to manage my save files? Can I just remove the game and keep the save files...
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    Hacking G6 LITE Chinese Retail from Hopebuy

    Has anyone received their chinese G6 Lite chinese version yet? Could you tell me if you received the RETAIL version or the TRIAL one. Here's the difference: edit: Could someone please move this to the G6 section.
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