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  1. CupcakesForDinne

    Hacking Trying to downgrade my 3.73 PS Vita 2000 to 3.60 - gets "file is corrupt" error

    I got a new PS Vita 2000 because I wanted to use it for homebrew, so I got started according to the steps listed on Things were going well until it was time to use Modoru to start the downgrading process, once it goes from Modoru to the Settings thing it tosses an error telling...
  2. CupcakesForDinne

    Homebrew My Wii U suddenly can't run Homebrew Launcher or WUP Installer GX2 anymore

    I'm using Coldboot Haxchi and after installing several games using WUP Installer GX2 many a time I'm suddenly no longer able to launch it properly, it just shows me the splashscreen and I can hear the background music playing but I can't get to the actual menu part and I have to force my console...
  3. CupcakesForDinne

    Hacking Wiix ball WAD?

    Hello you people inhabiting these forums! i've been hunting for a WAD file for zis ( with no luck, and since you people are way smarter than me, is someone in possesion of such a thing or is in possession of the tools needed to make these Wads? Thanks in advance.
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