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    Gaming MGS Twin Snakes ingame slowdown

    Hey guys, I just starting playing a PAL backup on MGS on my Wiikey chipped Wii. It's very noticeable when snake does any animation, i.e. flips a guy or gets shot. The slowdown is not very obvious but annoying enough to subtract from my gaming experience. Does anybody have any ideas how to fix...
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    Hacking Odd happening at Post Office getting a DS R4

    Your card was probably shipped from China, it's not unusual for USPS to keep track of international packages. Welcome to RL
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    Hacking EZ Flash 3 in 1 V

    The newer ex flash 3-in-1 cards have a new chipset without the correct software to support it. My card (bought Dec28) can laod gba games with the new gba exploader 58b. I can see the 3rd menu with the ram/rumble options but they dont work once i select them. I've tried patching my browser nds...
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