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    Hacking Failed to read metadata unkown magic nca

    i keeo trying to install a nsp through sx installer but any nsp i click on i get this message how do i fix this any help would be appreciated.
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    Hacking Replacing switch motherboard

    So I saw in a thread that someone said you could buy a motherboard on eBay and replace the banned mother board with the one you bought. I was wondering is it that easy?? Something seems up? Banned console Replacement motherboard 15$ Switch out old MB Fire it back up Bam good to go?
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    Hacking Are you able to transfer saves from banned switch

    I have a second switch that isn’t hacked and I wanna be able to play splatoon again but I don’t wanna go through that grind again My first console that’s hacked is banned Can I transfer the save file from then banned switch to the legit switch without hacking it and without worrying about...
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    Hacking Hey guys been out of the loop

    I stopped keeping track after SXOS 1.3 I just hopped on right now and I have a “super” ban If I’m reading correctly this makes freeshopnx and cdnshop not work anymore? So now what do I go back to to xci s Or what Can someone point me in the right direction
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    Hacking This might be a stupid question but can I get a little help?

    so I finally got the hammer (took em long enough) it was right after I updated to season 5 too! I went out and got a second switch the question is now correct me if I'm wrong but the ban the console fingerprint right? not the Nintendo account? can I use my old account to log back into my...
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