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    don't forget runescape is fail$

    LMFAO runescape is fail
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    The BEST Web Browser

    Opera. Make/Program your own widgets. Built in multiple tabs. Included IRC Client. Included Torrent client. Built In e-mail client with alert. Customize new tab i-face with favorites. Occasional active x and php/128 bit encryption issues aside it is the best.
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    iPod Touch 3.1 need help with jailbreaking

    Well I think providing links to any of this content violates gbatemp's policy. I'm just going to say download a torrent client go on the pirate bay and click top 100 then handheld. Post any issues?
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    Printing and Binding services ?

    Well I need to review A+ material very well in the fourth coming months. I can't find any legit books with remote IT minor coverage. I found a pirated e-book which does.......Printing Cost? 63 USD to print and bind. Other A+ book I am buying? 38 USD Any cheap/reliable printing and binding...
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    Gaming OMFG

    Alright can't find ANY 680 uf's 105 c tolerant that are 4 v just 6.3 voltage rating. That will still work right?
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    Gaming OMFG

    680mf 4 volt 105 c degree bearing capacitor Might look like this OR THAT Except it HAS to be 680 mf 4 volt format and capable of bearing up to 105 degrees C I will buys 4 of them..... EDIT uf rather UF Dur....brain tired Im screwed and have to buy a new bare bones kit.......AWESOME. nappy...
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    Gaming OMFG

    Remember those caps that tested fine on the meter? Well.......after the current/operating heat was applied....they weren't fine. 680mf 4 volt RLA 105 c degree bearing capacitors PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHERE THE HELL CAN I BUY THESE. I'm just going to put homework away pretend the server...
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    Wow big processor

    I was scraping a old win95 era desktop motherboard for some capacitors and a multipin to turn a xbox 1 into a media player. The processor was the size of a brick how did they even make laptops back then? Jesus..... At any rate any good xbox1 mod chip links? I put the multipin into the motherboard.
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    Gaming New Hardware Or Laptop Load it in I.E. for compatibility, run a check on selected titles. Whatever reqs you don't meet post here then we could work from there.
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    Gaming So.....

    The cap(s) tested fine on my meter then I soldered them back in. The new cpu fan with heatsink got here and sounds great running smooth. The thermal gel and new coolant system saved the day. YES!!!! Posting from said comp right now. Looking and sounding good. Doesn't hang on processor splash...
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    Gaming Good controller for emulators?

    Confirmation. Had mine for over a couple years now no issues. Used it as a mouse in bed until that comp had serious hardware problems.... working on that. N64 emulators with it is a little tricky but psx, snes, gba, genesis, gbc/gb and anything...
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    Gaming Help please

    I stick to torrents and nod32 scan...haven't used it for awhile but let me know if there is any issues with it. Sock5s not working and such I'll edit the source and recompile it accordingly if rapidshare caught on.
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    Gaming So.....

    Wow huh? Mobo and cpu? So much for paying down my student loan all the way off during my sabbatical. Well if I'm this ^**&ed right now I might as well snap one of the MAYBE fried capacitors and check with my meter then check it on the charts? Oh yeah the problem is obviously over heating and the...
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    Gaming So.....

    Yeah I'm well aware of cpu+heat sink and fan lol. And.....the ram is all pretty new(er) 1768 DDR 3200 and it seemed fine. Awhile back I had some ram related BSODS but threw that stick out/ gave it to the lab at my first college (worked on a IBM though - just not my comp anymore). No ram issues...
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    Gaming Help please

    Man that was funny. Opps edit my buddy xyrox made a decent rapidshare bypass with sock5's and such built in for rapidshare bypassing/spoofing. Let me grab a look.. WOW! a rapidshare bypass hosted on rapidshare.....slightly ironic
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    Gaming So.....

    Old Bessie is in trouble.....Hangs at the processor screen for 10-20 seconds and it's not looking good. So I bought a new Thermal take I don't know if this comes with thermal paste or not but it looks pretty diesed for a Thermal Take ...
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    Gaming Anyone here ordered from Dell?

    Maybe external components....Surely wouldn't buy a computer from Dell.
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    Gaming New Golden Sun?

    The new golden sun......going to go the gusto and try to buy this legit online or in store. Anyone have any NEW news? Release Date: TBA Exclusively on: Nintendo DS ESRB: RP Been awhile since I played a nice golden sun game.
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    Gaming Nice customer support!

    Yeah I bought a logitech USB cam awhile back and the god damn driver/firmware have uber interference. Blows static all the time conflicting with other hardware. Mic performance on it is garbage. This Optical Dynex mouse I am using has white out, slurpee, rockstar and something that looks like...
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    Pokemon is not for little kids anymore

    We'll you see son around 14 is when the pokemon realize......
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