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  1. Rohul1997

    ROM Hack Metroid Samus Returns Amiibo Unlocker

    MSRAU MSRAU is a tool used to edit your save to unlock amiibo only content on Metroid Samus Returns. What can it do? Change difficulty mode to Normal, Hard or Fusion(which includes the Fusion Suit) Show save as completed on save selection screen Unlock the Energy Reserve Tank Unlock the...
  2. Rohul1997

    ROM Hack OTX tool - Terraria texture tool

    Here is a tool to open Terraria texture files(OTX). Using this tool you can: Open OTX files to view textures Export textures to PNG image format Import textures from PNG image format Save a new OTX file after importing PNG
  3. Rohul1997

    ROM Hack Moflex Helper - Script

    Here is a script that I made that will help you in the process of creating a Moflex CIA Requirements: The Mobiclip Multicore Encoder is required to be already installed (Try that Chaos site). Everything else is straight forward just run Moflex-Helper.bat and follow the instructions. To avoid...
  4. Rohul1997

    ROM Hack Picross 3D: Round 2 All Amiibo Levels Unlocker

    Picross R2 Amiibo Unlocker Picross R2 Amiibo Unlocker is a tool used to unlock all amiibo levels on Picross 3D: Round 2. How to use Dump your save using a save manager Copy the dumped save onto your PC Download Picross R2 Amiibo Unlocker Run Picross R2 Amiibo Unlocker Click on the "Open...
  5. Rohul1997

    Homebrew CFG Chaos

    Hi all, this is a tool that I created for @cpasjuste CTRBootManager CFG file. CFG Chaos basically makes it a lot easier to edit your CFG file. Thank you @Columbo2811 for the amazing icon/logo. Features: · Makes it a lot easier to edit everything on the CFG file · You can easily set the...
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