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  1. TheLegendofMario

    Comment by 'TheLegendofMario' in 'Bye'

    Farewell, I hope that you come back some day in the future. Good Luck in Life.
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    Comment by 'TheLegendofMario' in 'I need help'
  3. TheLegendofMario

    Blog: TheLegendofMario

    Blog: TheLegendofMario
  4. TheLegendofMario

    I need help

    So I might lose my dog if I can't come up with $350 dollars within 40 days. I'm moving and the apartments I'm moving have a $350 Dollar pet fee and I'm broke AF.I don't have a job (I have issues) and the Woman who has kindly taken me in can't pay for my dog. I need him because he is my emotional...
  5. TheLegendofMario

    Comment by 'TheLegendofMario' in 'i found a DSI, it worth?'

    DSi is getting a brand new exploit released soon, so I would say that it is a good idea to get it.
  6. TheLegendofMario

    Comment by 'TheLegendofMario' in 'Asperger and Autism, what are your thoughts with people who have it?'

    I have higher functioning end Autism spectrum aka Aspergers, and I believe we are just special people, who are a lot smarter than than the rest of the world.
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