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  1. IronMask

    Hacking BootIt! by Nuvalo

    ---------------------- - Introducción ---------------------- Bliight is a generic filesystem loader for wiilinux, which should let you boot a filesystem installed on any wiilinux compatible device. It also lets you boot from a filesystem image, qhich should simplifcate the use of wiilinux to...
  2. IronMask

    Hacking PRELOADER v.25 Released

    Here it is guys will update 1st post as needed. *** WARNING!! **** THIS IS SOME SERIOUS HOMEBREW HACKING! Read this thread carefully and ask questions that have not been answered only. This thread was posted and intended for the more experienced Homebrewers of the Wii Hacking Community...
  3. IronMask

    Hacking Sports Island 2 (Compatibility)

    This is a NEW imcompatible... I know it's not a long awaited game... but...a HEADS UP! Just got this game and tried it and didn't work... Was just released last night so I know it's a new game to be out for the Wii... Because where I get them they are either released before or the day they hit...
  4. IronMask

    WADder - Custom Channel Builder v1

    WADder ----------- "Putting the brew in WiiBrew!" (Easy Custom Channel Maker) by IceFire! IceFire! (Hey! Is there an echo in here?!) Sytem Requirements: --------------------------- Windows XP/Vista (All admin rights/set properties on Vista to be compatible with XP sp2) Linux...
  5. IronMask

    Hacking Linux-Kernel Channel

    Dowload Link: Test by self. Just rename the folder your Linux kernel elf is in to "Linux-Kernel" Then everytime there is an updated version of the linux kernel it will load it from this folder. If you are like me and love to experiment with these...
  6. IronMask

    Hacking Experienced Soft Modder Report

    **Ok... So this is mainly pointed at people that SoftModding Wii's with Homebrew and Gamma for friendship/profit/service/multiple consoles. I am finally coming to a conclusion about why people are having so many issues with compatibility issues and they are not getting the majority result. (My...
  7. IronMask

    Hacking The Ultimate Emulator for Homebrew! Can someone compile this into a .dol for me? I hear it has 16x drive speed loads Gamecubes and Wii roms... The new 5 GHz OU812 Demodulator has the latest feature!
  8. IronMask

    Hacking Wiimotes SURROUND!

    Now wouldn't it be amazing if we could take our Wiimotes and place them around us while watching a video or listening to a song on Mplayer or some other hot media players available to us through out our lovely HomeBreWare? Just think for a second... Mplayer WiiSurround Player v.1 Any takers...
  9. IronMask

    Hacking New HOMEBREW update.

    The Almighty Changelog: * meta.xml now handles all ISO-8859-1 characters properly (you can use either UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 encoding, but UTF-8 is restricted to the ISO subset) * Wiimote power button support (shutdown) * Wiimote rumble honors system setting * Fixed some crash bugs * Fix meta.xml...
  10. IronMask

    Hacking Wii Homebrew Launcher 0.11 Above link is the English translated is home to Cashman's posts about the new version. Includes new features such as... Launch homebrew stored on SD card, USB-Flash, SD-Gecko, DVD (using DVDx) or sharing Samba / Windows Using different...
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