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  1. TheLegendofMario

    Tutorial How to import Images onto your Nintendo DSi (Requires DSi and a Windows PC)

    Hello Ever wanted to use your own photos on your DSi, well now you can by using Dsi Signature Tool by MrNbaYoh. THIS GUIDE IS USA ONLY AT THE MOMENT I WILL ADD OTHER REGION SUPPORT SOON! Requirements - Nintendo DSi (XL) Console - Windows PC - SD Card - SD Card Reader - Microsoft Paint (This...
  2. TheLegendofMario

    Homebrew Does anyone know how to get a hold of the MoonShell Dev?

    I'm trying to Get a hold of the MoonShell in order to try and get the Source Code for the Last version of MoonShell, so that it can be ported to DSi. Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  3. TheLegendofMario

    Question What happened to gbatemp wiki?

    I keep trying to access GBATemp Wiki, but am met with a white screen saying "[32020e53] 2017-10-04 04:34:50: Fatal exception of type MWException". What's up with it?
  4. TheLegendofMario

    Homebrew I accidently deleted a Title on my nephew's 3ds

    So I was trying to get rid of black squares on his home menu, and so I was looking in the nand of Emu, and I found a black square app and deleted it without questioning my decision. The system Title I deleted was CTR-N-HCSE, What is this title for? Did I do something very dumb?
  5. TheLegendofMario

    Homebrew Stories of Explaining Homebrew and hacking to Tech illiterates

    I'm wondering if people would like to share their adventures with Tech Illiterates.
  6. TheLegendofMario

    Homebrew Emunand fails to launch.

    So I installed Menuhax and an emunand, on my Nephew's o3DS, It is using Rxtools, and has 9.2 sysnand and 11.0 Emunand and it was working fine, but now RXtools goes to a Black screen, and, so I tried Luma3DS, same result. His setup is exactly the same as mine, except that I have a 2DS, and mine...
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