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    Hacking DVD Lens Cleaner

    I was just wondering if its safe to put in to the wii a dvd lens cleaner? the lens cleaner is branded but in audio format... any ideas?
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    Hacking Language patcher for WiiWare

    okay, i tried tv show king wiiware. i freethewad-ed it and set to region free.. the language is still japanese as my wii is 3.2J. Im just asking if it is out there somewhere a language patcher for the WiiWare titles. Pop is the same thing too... region is free but language is jap.. tnx!
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    Hacking Something really weird happened to my ssbb

    hi all! I just wanted everybody to know that something weird happened.. I have played ssbb-u before but i got semibricked because of its update.. i have also played ssbb-j. Yesterday, I tried out the VCs via WAD.. and that turned out quite well and I have them installed up until then.. Today...
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    Hacking WiiFit Jap to US Language

    Hey! I was just curious.. Is it possible to change the language of the jap WiiFit to english? with the regards to the board.. does region matter? Ive seen in the wiki page that the pal version doesnt work on a jap unit.. no other way? Tnx!
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    Hacking Mario Kart Jap

    Hey! I have a few questions that need answering.. so a little help would be greatly appreciated.. I have a semi-bricked wii because of the SSBB(US) update... didn't know 3.2j came out. First question: Does the Mario Kart Jap Wii have an update? I need it to fix my semi-brick.. I got a copy...
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