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  1. kingawsume

    Hardware [HELP] Need to send in a N3DSXL for repair, how screwed am I? (CWF'd)

    Top screen busted, and now it won't even boot, with or without the micro SD (I suspect there's a fault in the ribbon cable causing a short). Attempted to repair, stripped a screw. Nintendo requires a populated SD slot, but I don't have a spare to use. Is there a way to back-up my CFW to PC, and...
  2. kingawsume

    Homebrew [Help] Pokemon White + Black 2 dumps not AP patching or loading in TM++

    N3DSXL. After dumping the carts using GM9, then FTP'ing them to my desktop, the ROM tool will "AP patch" it, but it will still black and white screen after returning it to the SD card. I have tried the following: Re-dumping the ROMs Using both the trimmed and full versions Using TM++'s built-in...
  3. kingawsume

    Homebrew Help with NDS controller and shortened Android IPs

    Exactly what it says on the tin; my tablet (currently running Android 7.1.1), has a much shorter IP than what NDS Controller will allow as input. What do? (Android give me a XXX.XXX.XX.XX IP, 3DS client wants XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX IP)
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