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  1. raptor5001

    Homebrew Problems with Checkpoint/JKSV After Update

    In the official changelog for atmosphere 0.19.0: So it seems we will have to wait for an updated version of some homebrew to work with 12.0.0+atm0.19.0.
  2. raptor5001

    Hacking Question New switch kid used gold leaf on nand

    Very anti-climatic, but it was moved here: Hope this gives you closure. :P
  3. raptor5001

    Homebrew Deleting Wii U user without NID password?

    Are you sure? It seems that the WiiU keeps a list of 12 "slots" for accounts to be registered (as shown in Account Manager). PersistentIdList= seems to be a null-delimited ("\0") 12-item list of these 8-digit 8xxxxxxx account identifiers. I've changed mine from...
  4. raptor5001

    Homebrew Deleting Wii U user without NID password?

    So I'm trying this method to remove two former roommates from years and years ago (they don't have their passwords cached/saved I've noticed, if this matters). But it asks me for their account password when I click delete. :( Any ideas? Thx for your help! Screens: [I...
  5. raptor5001

    Homebrew Fastest way to backup all saves?

    Saviine is too slow. I know Savemii Mod is adding batch support soon hopefully, but in the meantime what are the quickest options besides going through every game in SaveMii? A NAND backup and be done with it? Or is there some homebrew I am unaware of?
  6. raptor5001

    Hacking Transfer Wii game saves to WiiU versions

    So it seems it may be an incompatibility between the save format of both versions. The JD4 saves seem to be aligned at the beginning but are different lengths. 2014 and above have a 5-byte null pad at the very beginning of the WiiU save format, then a magic (JD5, JustDance2014, etc). They are...
  7. raptor5001

    Hacking Transfer Wii game saves to WiiU versions

    I am on an unexpected trip out-of-state so I will try to look into it some later tonight. One thing I have noticed by glancing with a hex editor is that the WiiU saves have a 5-byte null offset at the beginning of the save file. We'll see if correcting for that (and extending the null padding at...
  8. raptor5001

    Hacking Transfer Wii game saves to WiiU versions

    So, I have save files on my old Wii for Just Dance 4,14,15,16 and I want to import them into those respective games on the wiiu (digital, if it matters). I am starting with the assumption that the save file formats for the Wii and WiiU versions of the game are the same. My first attempt only...
  9. raptor5001

    Hacking Error: USB Loader GX: "USB Device not initialized. Switching to channel list mode."

    It may not be the same particular issue as you, but I get this error intermittently. I just delete all the config files and that seems to make it happy again. Not sure why.
  10. raptor5001

    Homebrew [WIP] PHBank - Pokémon Homebrew Bank

    I have the "pkbank" folder on the root, and the .3dsx from page 1 works fine when I use that. But when using my compiled .3dsx, HBL doesn't ask which Pokemon game/title to use and then shows that error. (Also, I am on Arch Linux, if that matters for compilation.)
  11. raptor5001

    Homebrew [WIP] PHBank - Pokémon Homebrew Bank

    Thanks for this! Just a question. New to 3ds programming and, while I can compile the 3dsx just fine, I get an error on launching it in HBL. I have xerpi's forks/libs. Problem happened: fffffffc PHBank version: 20001b0 Can't start the viewer. Press any key to exit I can see generally where...
  12. raptor5001

    Wall Street Protests: Police brutality caught on tape

    What an incredibly shallow interpretation. For the most part (and because you can't control every single person 100%) the protesters were on the sidewalks. Where would you prefer they protest? Also, I would love to have this ability of yours to sense the intentions of all these people at once...
  13. raptor5001

    Hacking Trojan.Downloader with ModMii?

    According to Google, Trojan.Downloader and Win32/Agent.gen!I (both are malware names ModMii was detected as being) are generic detection names for, well, trojan downloaders (or malware whose only purpose is to download and set up other malware). These names are only used by a heuristics scan...
  14. raptor5001

    Hacking SNEEK+DI quick guide

    Does anybody else have trouble with UNEEK+DI (using installer v5/r115) when trying to return to the System Menu? When I click Exit to System Menu in HBC or when I click Wii Menu in the Home Button Menu in a game, the Wii Remote resyncs (player 1 light goes off, then comes on again) but then I'm...
  15. raptor5001

    Hacking Why in 2010 we still have Pal & Ntsc?

    So is this thread about why we have PAL and NTSC or why do we have region locking? Because I'm starting to think it's the latter. But to answer the former, we have PAL and NTSC simply because televisions exist that can only display one standard. PAL on my television displays as a severely...
  16. raptor5001

    Hacking cIOSCORP v3.4 Release!

    And I was so excited, since I haven't been able to figure out how to DIP patch an IOS. C'mon cIOS70!
  17. raptor5001

    Hacking Libntfs released

    Here's the deal: 1. Fragmentation results in negative I/O performance. 2. NTFS and FAT32 systems do not handle the fragmentation problem effectively, resulting in a decrease in performance. 3. Given enough time and file creation/move/deletion operations, Wii applications that make use of libntfs...
  18. raptor5001

    Hacking Libntfs released

    The main problem I have with NTFS is fragmentation. If people were using ext2, they wouldn't need to defrag at all. But with FAT and NTFS, I'm going to have to run defrag every few months. Sigh. And I wouldn't call NTFS "robust." It's really not feature-full, compared to other modern day...
  19. raptor5001

    Hacking Libntfs released

    Agreed, I hate NTFS, though it is much better than FAT (which is barely even technically a file system, haha), but anything is better than FAT, so that isn't a justification for using it. I would kill to have support for a decent file system, i.e. ext2 support! Though maybe instead of asking, I...
  20. raptor5001

    Hacking Safe To Patch IOS 60?

    Next time, just try it yourself and if you brick, oh well. Not many people around here, including me, want to offer help to someone with an attitude like that.
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