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  1. Garuda357

    Shin Megami Tensei V 60 FPS & Graphics Mods

    wow seems like a lot is going on and I'm a bit confused truth be told. If I play on Switch, mainly docked(I undertand you can force the console to swap modes even if it is docked to deliver handheld performance, in this case it is considered as charging with original charger?), what would be the...
  2. Garuda357

    Gaming [Release] Enable Japanese Voice Acting In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Tag Force (USA)

    Damn, as a lifetime fan of the franchise I feel ashamed I never knew about this until today... Awesome. I believe I read some years ago was impossible and here we are. Good job!
  3. Garuda357

    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    I see, thanks for the reply.
  4. Garuda357

    Homebrew RetroArch Switch

    I have a question I hope can be answered in this thread, does the PSX emulation on switch using Retroarch has something related to increasing native resolution? I am not very knowledgeable about the subject. I know it is possible to launch android and emulators throught that, but if possible I'd...
  5. Garuda357

    ROM Hack RELEASE Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Name De-Localization

    Nice very nice. Zeke, Sîvrit, Niyah, Fiorung Nice to see the promo with her name again, I couldn't find it so I played safe there. Sîvrit is also very good. The game definitely tackles a lot of cultures in the japanese version too, which explains all the localization changes. Iira Absolutely...
  6. Garuda357

    ROM Hack RELEASE Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Name De-Localization

    I think it is cool to try to improve the patch. Regarding the first point you make, it should be Zeke as in the promotional material. I agree with point two about Ira and also point three, about Roderich. There's also this about Nia in japanese There are some that really vary based on how...
  7. Garuda357

    ROM Hack RELEASE Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Name De-Localization

    Very nice. Are you extending this to the titans names eventually? Edit: nevermind, seems I didn't notice the spoiler with all the changes.
  8. Garuda357

    Hacking Atmosphere-NX - Custom Firmware in development by SciresM

    Man it is hard to read again that you are feeling sick over again due to a covid related thing. Last year you were sick too and I felt it. I know this is the side effect of the vaccine, but still take care. I'd rather see your next post saying you're feeling 100% well instead of an status...
  9. Garuda357

    ROM Hack RELEASE Monster Hunter Rise 60 FPS mod

    Good work, I have 2 questions since I'm not that familiar with FPS mods and I have only ever tried the enhanced visuals for portable Xenoblade 2 so I think it isn't quite the same process: -Can you use this patch with that other homebrew(sorry I don't recall the name right now) to change docked...
  10. Garuda357

    Comment by 'Garuda357' in 'Today will be my last day as Chief Editor at :('

    The end of an era... Covid took so much from us... 2020 won't be a nice year to remember. press F for Farewell, take care of your family and yourself.
  11. Garuda357

    Homebrew R4 Stage2 TWL Flashcart Launcher(and perhaps other cards soon™)....

    What do I need to do to make an original R4 work with this on a A9LH'd console at 11.0.0-33U + luma3ds? I noticed that a crappy clone is able to run without me needing to patch modify anything and I'm aware that it is due to some autopatching done by the custom firmware. Just wondering what is...
  12. Garuda357

    Hacking 11.0 soft-downgrade?

    You guys aren't thinking with my budget in mind. And no, I can't get sky or the game or the ds flashcard working on these firmwares for free with a friend. Just stick with the intel I shared. I know there are better, optimal ways to do this, but I can't do them. If you are kind and confirm what...
  13. Garuda357

    Hacking 11.0 soft-downgrade?

    Well if I'm trying to do this is because I'm unable to do that. I know it is simpler. Actually was expecting something like "do a hardmod". But yeah, my options are limited.
  14. Garuda357

    Hacking 11.0 soft-downgrade?

    there's no point in wanting to know this but the A9LH'd one is obviously at last firmware. While the other one is at 1.1.0-0 Both consoles are USA region consoles.
  15. Garuda357

    Hacking 11.0 soft-downgrade?

    A9LH'd 3ds and 1.1 stock 3ds. Never done a system transfer before. Do I need to update my 1.1 to 11.0? Also, as long as both consoles are set up as being in USA -for eshop access- I can get one of these nintendo gift cards with paypal and buy fieldrunners right? Thanks and sorry for the...
  16. Garuda357

    Gaming Japanese Monster Hunter X save does not work with MHGen

    This is not my tool, just sharing what was shared.
  17. Garuda357

    Gaming Japanese Monster Hunter X save does not work with MHGen

    From the /vg/ thread: Posted by an anonimous user. Indications by other anons. If this can't be posted here, just deleteit.
  18. Garuda357

    Hacking This CIA is invalid

    There are some programs you can use together with FBI to transfer files via wifi to your 3ds. I know of SocketPunch and FalconPuncher. You still use a cia manager which is FBI but you don't need to store them on your memory, thus saving space to install more games.
  19. Garuda357

    For the tool ask the OP of the Translation project. He is the owner and he shared it with me.

    For the tool ask the OP of the Translation project. He is the owner and he shared it with me.
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