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    Homebrew vWii STILL BRICKED after installing clean vWii IOSes from NUSDownloader

    I Installed all the clean vWii IOSes that NUSDownloader and WiiBrew had, changing the title ID and version numbers accordingly, then I installed the vWii System Menu WAD. But its still bricked!! What on earth am I doing wrong?! Was it the System Menu WAD? Im very close to giving up at this...
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    Homebrew Can't unbrick my vWii cause I only have Wii IOSes, not vWii. How do I get vwii IOSes?

    I have no vWii NAND Backup and can't even access the vWii's homebrew. -snip- How can I get vwii IOS files?
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    Homebrew Can WUP Installer GX2 install Wii VC Games from a USB instead of an SD?

    I tried putting my Wii VC Game in my SD into the install directory using FileZilla, but for whatever reason the transfers kept failing partway through the process. So I decided to put the Wii VC game in a USB into the install directory and it doesn't show up at all. It only lists the ones in my...
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    Homebrew Need help uninstalling cIOSes to unbrick my vWii

    So most of them were uninstalled, but these ones for some reason weren't. What exactly does BRICK BLOCKED mean and how do I uninstall the rest?
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    Homebrew How do you autoboot Mocha CFW upon turning on Wii U without Haxchi?

    Is there a way to do it without Haxchi? I'm putting my money for something else rather than a DS VC so....
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    Homebrew How do you update dimok's homebrew launcher?

    I used an internet browser method to access homebrew but the thing is I want a channel for it, but it only supports the newest version. The method installed 1.4, not 2.1. So how do I update 1.4 to 2.1? This is what I used to get homebrew:
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    Homebrew Bricked my vWii help

    I installed WADs of some IOSes using YAWMM and now my vWii is bricked. Needless to say, that was very stupid of me. I don't have a NAND backup so can anyone help me out?
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    Hacking Noob question: How do you install games with a code/content/meta folder ?

    I'm trying to install Twilight Princess onto my Wii U but all I have to work with is this. What apps should I use to solve this?
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