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  1. wownmnpare

    ROM Hack Question MH Rise Palico Editor

    Hi, Is there a palico editor for mh rise? I want to get rousing roar, power drum and go fight win at a same time and also its best buddy skills as possible. Thank you
  2. wownmnpare

    Homebrew Question Ps vita as a controller?

    Is it possible?Since i have a modded vita slim. It would be neat if you can see the game you're playing on the vita screen also.
  3. wownmnpare

    Question about marijuana

    So yeah i've been smoking weed,kush,joint and blunt (atleast once a week) in like 4 years ago but i've stop last year. I'm still hanging out with my pothead friends to get drunk and wasted but now i declined their offer whenever it's my turn to smoke. It's all good but i have a medical test this...
  4. wownmnpare

    ROM Hack About dragon quest 11 english text.

    I was just hinking is it possible to get the text from the dragon quest 11 on the steam version and put it on the 3ds version? I know a fan translation won't even happened since switch version will gonna release.
  5. wownmnpare

    ROM Hack Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Mario Odyssey Level?

    Anyone have a mario odyssey amiibo or unlocker (application) for this game? i wanna unlock that level. i can give my save file if needed. Thank you. :)
  6. wownmnpare

    Hacking Can i stream without videocard?

    I mean capture card lol. fuck! just like n3ds can do? or is there a homebrew for it? :)
  7. wownmnpare

    Hacking Game list that have an english patch or fantranslation?

    Anyone of you guys have a list? I only know gintama rumble and digimon world: next order. Edit: Here are the list of english patch or fantranslation that i found: Secret Of Mana Atelier Lydie & Suelle Konosuba: Attack of the Destroyer Legend of Heroes Gintama Rumble Eiyuu Densetsu Phantasy...
  8. wownmnpare

    Gaming Top 10 Fanservice game that you've played.

    Just doing some research. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. wownmnpare

    Hacking Just wondering....

    Will the gateway team gonna make a flashcart for the switch?
  10. wownmnpare

    Hacking I uh...need some kinda help

    Well, my friend just update its 3ds to 11.4 but apparently after he updated it. it cause blackscreen. it can still boot but without the sd card. BTW he is still using a9lh + Luma (shadownand) -_- any idea how to fix this?
  11. wownmnpare

    So Gorillaz finally have a new song! :)

    I know it's been a week since they upload it in youtube but what are your thoughts about it? :)
  12. wownmnpare

    Gaming [MHXX] Wanna hunt?

    Is someone playing right now? Let's hunt and i also need some help in my urgent. I'll also help you once im done. :) Is there any chat group for MHXX players or somethibg like that?
  13. wownmnpare

    Gaming MHXX 8 to 10 key quests?

    What are the key quest for it?
  14. wownmnpare

    Gaming Xenoblade chronicles 3D on o3ds?

    Will there be a way that this game can be played in o3ds? Cuz snes games are also exclusive in n3ds. Just asking. Lol. :D
  15. wownmnpare

    ROM Hack Is there Story of seasons: Trio of Town save editor?

    Or will they update the story of seasons (first SoS) save editor here? :)
  16. wownmnpare

    Gaming About Dragon Quest 7 DLC

    Can i still get it? Since i completely miss all. :(
  17. wownmnpare

    Gaming Punch Club is addicting but....

    So far im enjoying it but once the day pass. The training is kinda suck.
  18. wownmnpare

    Homebrew Freeshop for gba,gbc and other retro games?

    Is there something like that? Cuz i dont always have my laptop and sometime im lazy enough to open it. :)
  19. wownmnpare

    Hacking (C2-2001-3)?

    Always encountering it. Any way to solve this. already tried the change sce_module, deleting plugin and others that i know. It's weird cuz some people have already tried the downloadable links and they said its working on their unit while mine just kept on crashing. Thanks in Advance :)
  20. wownmnpare

    Gaming Is there any unlockable items in hidden world in SMM?

    Thread tittle. :)
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