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    Hacking Anyone on 2.3 using Tinfoil?

    You can find RajNXv069 here. Just search for "0.6.9 (04.08.2018) - Initial release". The "tinfoild.nfo" is only thing you need from that zip. Yes, Pokken (even though this game requires 3.0) works. (I use 4nxci v1.10 to convert xci to nsp) I'm...
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    Hacking Anyone on 2.3 using Tinfoil?

    I'm on 2.0.0 and is one of the very few builds that works, anything newer than that does not work. the one in also works.
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    Hacking RELEASE Kosmos - A Hekate CFW-package

    I just tried and but I'm still getting a blank screen with backlit on. Man... I'm totally lost.
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    Hacking RELEASE Kosmos - A Hekate CFW-package

    Please help, I've spent many many hours but I just can't get nsp to work. I have a 2.0.0 switch. I use files from, I can install nsp just fine, but I get "The Software was closed because an error occurred." no matter what. So I copy ReiNX's 0100000000000033 to...
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    Wii #0829 - Rock Band (USA)

    I can confirm that this won't work on NTSC because it has been brickblocked. We need the update from the original disc to get the usb drum to work.
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    Wii #0829 - Rock Band (USA)

    This didn't work for me, I got the blank screen right after I hit "start", I have the original drum set only. Wii 3.2U OpenWii
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    Hacking Making a WAD Installer ISO

    Just tried installer v2, worked like a charm.
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    Hacking Built In Freeloader To Games

    Tried this on Pinball classic (PAL), worked like a charm
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    Hacking Freeloader available for download

    Just tried it on my US wii (openwii 2.4) working: who wants to be a millionaire (PAL) king of clubs (PAL) harvest moon magical melody (PAL) pinball classic (PAL) not working: shin-chan (JAP) naruto ninja taisen ex (JAP)
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    Hacking SSBB Working without Dual channels or 15% trick

    Yep, the prophet one.
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    Hacking SSBB Working without Dual channels or 15% trick

    Just tried this, worked like a charm!!! Wii 3.1u + openwii 2.4 memorex dvd+r dl 8x burned at 2.4x ssbb iso re-signed, region changed to ntsc burned using "burn 1.71" (no need to set layer break) on mac os 10.5 Did the update after popping in the disc...
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    Hacking NTSC -> PAL patching hex

    FYI. I copied the entire header (all the way to 0x8FFFF) of The godfather (PAL patched to NTSC) to Pinball classic (PAL) When I poped the disc in, it just kept spinning and spinning. Nothing happened. I know this is a stupid experiment. But who knows what's gonna happen?
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    Hacking Kaidomain dropped Wiikey price to $11 shipped

    They are selling wiikey for about $9 in China including shipping. $11 shipped to the US is really a steal.
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    Hacking My list of recordable media for Wii

    My playo dvd+r works fine. I burned them at 4x. Also, I got these discs for free
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    Hacking 47 uf capacitor

    you should see big "-" signs on the capacitor. that's the negative side.
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