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  1. DynastyVic

    Tinfoil NCA Placeholder error

    Hi All, So I have been getting the NCA Placeholder error when I download anything from Tinfoil. The shops I have used are confirmed fine to use. I have been suggested it could be my sigpatch which I used the ITotalJustice one where all I did was download the Zips and throw them into my...
  2. DynastyVic

    I can't install tinfoil properly

    So I updated my switch to the latest patch. I downloaded the self-installer. (I tried applelet and it didn't work). It comes up with a buffering icon in my menu and says I need to check my system. So the error I get is error code 2155-8007 Says error has occured.
  3. DynastyVic

    Hardware What memory card size do you have?

    I was curious what memory card size everyone has. I don't know the game memory card so but it is presumed it is quite a bit like 30gb or so per game. I am planning on getting a 1TB microsd.
  4. DynastyVic

    Hacking Questions about attempting a Switch mod

    So I had some questions before attempting to mod a switch: 1. What is the biggest memory card the switch can store? 2. Any issues that have come out of it? e.g. what likely causes it to brick 3. Can I go online and not get banned? 4. Should I use my main account or use a throwaway Nintendo...
  5. DynastyVic

    Hacking Is an unpatched switch still worth getting?

    So I have finally found an unpatched switch. Is it still worth getting to invest into or has the switch scene been changed a bit? Also can you go online or not?
  6. DynastyVic

    Hacking Is there a Wii U/Wii cheat system on the Wii U?

    I can't seem to find much detail on it besides specialist cheats for specific games. Is there an all around general cheat system for the wii u?
  7. DynastyVic

    Hacking Vitacheat not working, what did I do wrong?

    Hi all, So I proceeded to download Vitacheat but it doesn't activate when i press L and right button. I followed this guide. I didn't needed to manually click install on anything on my vita. What am I missing or is there more to the instructions?
  8. DynastyVic

    Hacking What should I download?

    So I done the processes and got adrenaline and everything related to the psp. How do I go about downloading vita games? Which one should I download? PKGj or NoNpDrm. I read about Autoplugin but I heard there are issues.
  9. DynastyVic

    Hacking Is there a way to reset the psvita hack?

    So I noticed the same issue which is when using the storage memory card, it tends to formt everyone's psvita memory card. I am having issues getting a solution to this as I tried the QMCA and psvimgtool which doesn't recognise my vita. If I factory reset my psvita, would that allow me to do...
  10. DynastyVic

    Hacking Issues with connecting by CMA

    So I am trying to connect my vita to my desktop by CMA but there is an error in regards to downloading the latest Microsoft Package. I instead tried to do the other route of using QMCA through wifi which connects but when I try to run the program finalhe, it tells me to force close QMCA. How...
  11. DynastyVic

    Hacking Bricked PSP issue

    Hi all. So I have this bricked psp which was caused when I lent it to someone who decided to put a cheat system on it but the psp ends up turning on a black screen now. So the information about my psp is that it has one of the lower update patch. So it doesn't have infinity installed on it...
  12. DynastyVic

    Hacking How do I install the SD2Vita to my Vita?

    So I can't find a definite guide on here. I checked the homebrew which requires a Vita memory card which I lack for the series 1000. The only alternative I can think of is to get the SD2Vita adapter to be the memory card but I need to figure out how to install it first. I can't find a definite...
  13. DynastyVic

    Hacking Any exploits for patched switch?

    So I got a patched Switch without a dock. It hasn't been updated in a long time. (Back in maybe Febuary of this year). Do I have many options with what I can do on this or going through an unpatched route the only and best alternative. I just wanted to confirm if there has been any exploits...
  14. DynastyVic

    Hardware Is it easy to fix joycon drift?

    So I have the oppurtinity to get a secondhand official joycons but it is known to have drift issues. Should I bother as I know the contact cleaner approach works or is it always better to buy brand new joycons? Joycon drift isn't permanent if I am correct?
  15. DynastyVic

    Hacking What do I need to update before doing the 3DS Update in Nov 2020?

    So I gotten back on the 3DS. I know there was a 3DS update in November or somewhere later the year. What do I need to update so my 3DS doesn't brick? My Luma is on v2.5. Anything?
  16. DynastyVic

    Hardware What is the highest memory card you can have?

    So I know that the vita has specific memory cards but is there a way to use a normal microSD card if I have some sort of an adapter?
  17. DynastyVic

    Hacking What is the legal status on R4 cards?

    Are flash carts illegal to own? What can you do legally with a R4 card? Does the site recommended that sell R4 cards mean they are illegal?
  18. DynastyVic

    Hacking How do you unhacking the Wii U

    How do you unhack the wii u? Does a factory reset actually do it or is there a reverse process?
  19. DynastyVic

    Homebrew Is there a 3DS Amiibo editor for Smash?

    Is there 3DS App that allows you to edit Amiibo data for Super Smash bro 4 where the values can be changed to legitimate values and certain skills can be put on? I found Smash Amiibo Cheat Tool but it can only edit values to 200 for everything and it doesn't seem to change much else.
  20. DynastyVic

    ROM Hack How do you set the debug on the Leafedit for AC:NL?

    So I have been trying to alter the Acre section on the Leafedit app on my 3DS but it says I need to set the debug setting to true. The instructions below says: Just set Debug from the Settings.json file to true. If it doesn't exist, create the Debug Entry as following: "Debug": true" I don't...
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