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  1. raptor5001

    Homebrew Fastest way to backup all saves?

    Saviine is too slow. I know Savemii Mod is adding batch support soon hopefully, but in the meantime what are the quickest options besides going through every game in SaveMii? A NAND backup and be done with it? Or is there some homebrew I am unaware of?
  2. raptor5001

    Hacking Transfer Wii game saves to WiiU versions

    So, I have save files on my old Wii for Just Dance 4,14,15,16 and I want to import them into those respective games on the wiiu (digital, if it matters). I am starting with the assumption that the save file formats for the Wii and WiiU versions of the game are the same. My first attempt only...
  3. raptor5001

    ROM Hack EBA Songs

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