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  1. magicksun

    Hacking Language/region emulation luma 7

    Hello everyone, Today i update my luma to 7.02, but i see the opcions change when i start the luma settings . and i cant play tomodachi eur in spanish, i cant figure out what to do Someone know what to do? Edit: the problem was solved downloading the luma locale switcher 0.4
  2. magicksun

    Hardware Notification led

    I need help the notification orange led of a friend going online make me crazy i have much friends . Can i disable it? Other than turn off the wifi?
  3. magicksun

    ROM Hack FF theatrhythm CC Extra data corrupted

    Hello Boyz im new with N3ds i use arm9loaderhax with freeshop and when i play ffcc in score mode is all fine but when enter quest mode in some misión of the first quest i have a scrreen of now saving, my 3ds restart with an error and i get extra data corrupted my save is fine but i lost all...
  4. magicksun

    Gaming i wanna buy a wii help

    hello everyone , i will buy a wii and im very green with how to flash , i don't get a thing! i have a psp like a year ago and i can't get at all the filmewares , but the ds i know all! by the way. 1 - i know that i can flash by usb or dvd (chip). but i read that the usb wii only read sd , can...
  5. magicksun

    Gaming Dragon quest IX DQVC cheats

    Somebody know if there is any cheats? i'm tired of go to the roof of my flat to catch signals , and now i can't get signal , and im tired of go up 9 floors stay a 30 seconds and down , maybe will be iteligent if somebody does a cheat for dqtv for give random items , what do you think?
  6. magicksun

    Misc Noganet Usb Portable Wi Fi Wireless

    Hey boys , i go to buy a usb wifi , but i don't know if i have to buy the nintendo usbwifi or if i can buy any usb wifi , the problem is: in my computer i don't have wifi and i can't conect to wifi in my computer , i have the adsl and , im asquing if you recomended th usb wifi =)))
  7. magicksun

    ROM Hack Welcome Home Chibi-Robo! Happy, Rich Big Sweep

    Hello guys , i ask to the people who know japanese if somebody can do a mini translation with the basics , no for the dialogues . i play a bit this game and is great , its funny , and i don't request a large translation , but a basic for the menu and tutorial is good =) thanks for reading!
  8. magicksun

    Hacking r4sdhc

    someones knows , if that version fix the problems with pokemon and the sin megami tensei?
  9. magicksun

    ROM Hack Pokemon Silver Soul (usa) problem

    Hello people , i want to know if someone have a patch or know a site for the pokemon silver soul usa. sorry but im not a poke fan , so i didn't know nothing! thanks!
  10. magicksun

    Hacking Problem w/ Space invaders Extreme 2

    hello friends , i have a problem with this game and the space invaders extreme 1 , the problem is when im playing the game and i have the boss fight , when i beat him sometimes the game freze and the sound is still playing , and frezze black screen and i have to reset it , and play again all...
  11. magicksun

    ROM Hack might and magic: clash of heroes

    I don't see any forum about this , i have a r4 fake , and don't work , and i know then there are many prirate checks , and we have to wait , until the parche come , sooo if u know something , please , post here! today 03 dic patch...
  12. magicksun

    ROM Hack Style Boutique Freze/crash

    i play it , and in the 4 client the game freeze , anybody know if there is a patch , i use r4 and ysmenu
  13. magicksun

    Gaming Wizard of oz

    Hey guys , anybody knows when will be release this game , the gamespot say the 29 of september , and in this day , the rom isn't release...
  14. magicksun

    Hacking How do Cheats for r4

    My question is how is call the program for do cheats for r4 , to do the AR for mario and luigi 3
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