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    Homebrew My switch freezed I restarted, and my a cartridge game doesn't start now, Is the cartridge dead?

    I tried to play three houses and then the switch didn't respond to anything half my games are corrupted and when I try to launch three houses it says there was an error (and it doesn't find corrupted data, but with my digital games it does) should I reinstall all of my games? If three houses is...

    Homebrew How can I stream video from Linux PC to my switch with homebrew?

    I was searching homebrew apps to stream video from my pc but all the applications I found (found 2) where only for windows so before further investigating I figured it would be a bit faster to ask here.

    Homebrew Checkpoint crashing upon loading???

    I wanted to add mods and custom maps to Minecraft with Checkpoint but it crashes upon loading... I am not using exFat.Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance!
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