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    Trying to Think of a Name for a New Gaming Blog..

    So far I've come up with a few keywords, but the problem is that the majority of the .com domains worthwhile are taken :/ GamingGantry Fuse quadro TangledTech JungleFuse Any ideas what I could call it? Needs to be available in .com or a high level tld, something creative and memorable if...
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    Hacking Just got an old DSLite, which flashcart should I get?

    So I've had 2 DSLite's previously, both have been broken at some point (little siblings eh? You can't trust them), and I have previously been using M3 Reals with them. Anyway, there's the context shoved out the way, now for the important bit, I was recently given my cousins old DSLite, and I'm...
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    Hardware PSP suddenly not turning on?

    I have a CFW'ed PSP that previously ran perfectly, but after not using it for around a month I decided to pop it out of it's case, give it a charge (AC adapter) and then play on Kingdom Hearts. The yellow light come on when I charged it, and once it had charged I disconnected it from the charger...
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    Gaming Best place to buy a refurbished / new Nintendo DS Lite?

    I might be getting one in the future.. but I'm wondering - where is the best supplier / place to get a new Nintendo DS Lite or a refurbished one? I mean on terms of price and if applicable, the quality of the refurbishments in general. So far I can only think of eBay.. hope you guys can help me...
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    Hardware Playing the Wii off a monitor?

    I love my Wii, but I really need to get it working on my monitor somehow.. I've tried my TV tuner, with no success, it either always lags (even when I use DScaler) or it just doesn't work at all.. My monitor is DVI / VGA sadly, and not HDMI, meaning that it's not just a matter of getting a VGA...
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    Hardware PSP 1000 Battery will Randomly cut out?

    I recently bought a PSP 1000 off eBay, and it's perfect, only problem is that it will randomly cut out (turn off).. sometimes it occurs 2-3 seconds after startup, sometimes 5 minutes into a game.. Is this just a matter of getting another battery or is this PSP completely and utterly dying? I've...
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    Hardware PSP won't turn on when I have my memory card inserted?

    I recently bought a pre-hacked PSP off a guy for £70, and it boots up fine when I don't have a memory card inserted.. but then I plugged in my memory card into the PSP and tryed booting up the device, it worked perfectly again, and I formatted the card. I then put some backups in the form of...
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    Gaming Will the price of a DSi decrease when the 3DS is released?

    Hey guys Anyway, bit of context here, I recently bought a PSP 1000 for £70 or so (second hand, only for 2 weeks later the PSP 3000 to be fully hacked) and now I'm considering getting a DSi in the future as well. But with the 3DS coming, will the price of the DSi go down much at all when the...
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    Hacking Sony strikes back against piracy with hidden feature!

    From a very reliable source ( SKFU ) we have a striking new feature for the PS3. Although the actual feature in question is currently 'hidden', it is similar to a serial system "which Sony will soon start activating. Since the root keys on the street you can see every homebrew tool (including...
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    Hacking Find out my Wii's CIOS / Hermes version?

    Is there an easy way to find out whether my Wii has an up-to-date Hermes IOS and CIOS? I saw a homebrew program called 'pimp my wii' but it was last updated in September so I don't think the program itself would be in-date (as it were). Also, could someone please tell me the perfect setup for...
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    Gaming Worth getting a DS Lite at this late stage?

    Other the past few years, I have had so far 2 Nintendo DS's.. a phat one and a DS Lite one. Both have now succumb to either being lost or braking due to unfortunate accidents.. But, is it worth getting another 3rd DS Lite at this late stage with teh 3DS coming out soon and the PSP 2 arriving...
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    Hacking Bit Confused on Which Flashcart to Get..

    I recently lost my DS and my beloved yet slightly old M3 Real flashcart.. and I know have a replacement DS Lite but I am wondering which card to get.. basically all I need it to do is play my game backups with - Maximum game compatibility. A nice UI. Regular Updates. Oh, and sadly I am on a...
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    Gaming I'm thinking of getting a PSP 1000..

    Hey guys, I recently have been thinking of getting a PSP 1000 pre-owned (for around £70 or so) but I have a few questions - How risky is it hacking / softmodding a PSP 1000? Can I hack it no matter what the firmware is as long as it is a PSP 1000? I have seen adapters such as "SDHC to Pro Duo...
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    Hacking Which games do not work with DARKCORP?

    I recently installed the latest version of CIOSX and then I installed DARKCORP.. but their list of supported games do not really cover the new ones :/ could someone tell me which games do not work with the latest version of DARKCORP? Thanks, WiLDFiRE.
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    Hacking I have a few questions about Wii Hacking..

    I softmodded my Wii a few months ago.. but I have been out of the loop for a few months, and have some questions that have been worrying me - 1. All my backups only burn at 6x speed using ImgBurn, I suspect this is a limitation of the optical drive itself.. is there a way to force it to burn...
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    Hacking How to Make my Wii Play Backups from Other Regions?

    I recently went on a trip to America and got some cheap games for my Wii from there, but I just got back from there and since my Wii is a PAL it won't play them normally.. how would I go about making my Wii play backups from other regions? Wii Type - PAL Version - 4.2E Softmodded - YES etc...
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    Homebrew Do Trimmed Roms Still Work When Burned?

    I recently trimmed all of my ROMs with WiiScrubber to save space on my external HDD's.. but will these ROMs still work when I burn them to a DVD for loading with a loader? Thanks in advance, -WiLDFiRE.
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    Hacking Best NDS Rom Manager?

    Anyone know of any ROM manager that have some good features + a up-to-date DB? Thanks, WiLDFiRE.
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    Gaming You Have to Give Nintendo Credit..

    Look, everyone on the forums (myself included) has been waiting for a patch for there specific flashcart for days now, i have tried several patches well, none of them are avaliable for M3REAL at the moment. But, if you think about it you have to give Nintendo credit for creating a decent AP...
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    Hacking Howto get maximum protection against a brick?

    When i first softmodded my Wii, i installed BootMii as boot2 and got a nand backup etc - so everytime i booted my Wii, BootMii would appear. Now it doesnt do this, it just went direct to Wii System Menu :S How can i get maximum protection against a brick and whats "Brick-Blocker" Thanks, Cameron.
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