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  1. Fefo

    ROM Hack Changing character models on Phantasy Star 0

    Hi. I've been replaying PS0 on DeSmuME and was always annoyed by how ugly some characters are, like FOnewms. Does anyone know what files do I need to swap to change which model is used for a certain character? Thanks.
  2. Fefo

    Converting .xma audio in a lossless playable option (or mp3)

    G'day 'tempers. After looking pointlesly for a lossless rip from Castle Crashers OST, I'm trying to do it myself. However, the file format, xma, remains untouchable and the only info that could be helpful required several unknow tools and odd steps so it was cast aside (like those dreadful...
  3. Fefo

    Hacking Fixing softmod

    I HAVE A BLACK (FAMILY) WII Sorry, I am dumb. Also be attitude for engrish. I have a (poorly) softmodded Wii running USB Loader GX, which randomly hang up or doesn't run some games (MPT Corruption for example). Some .wads also fail to install (error -1035) Every tutorial I've tried by...
  4. Fefo

    ROM Hack Ripping DS ROMs audio

    Hi, could someone help me ripping the music for SMT Strange Journey? ndssndext can only rip game sfx (in WAV format). This thead offers 2 other tools, but vgmtrans couldn't do it (or I'm dumb and don't know how to use it) and...
  5. Fefo

    Gaming DSi shoulder buttons and top screen issues

    Sorry for any engrish, not my first language My DSi, like most, has problems with the shoulder buttons, and I, like most, blowed it It works ok for the L button. The R button works fine after that too, but the top screen start to (become?) all fuzzy. The colors all mess up, like when you...
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