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    Hardware "R Shoulder" on Joycon needs replacement

    So, I got a used Switch from ebay that came with an old set of joycons. The problem with the right joycon is that the "R" shoulder button (not the trigger), doesn't work 2/3rds of the time, so I'd like to replace it. It's the part that is soldered on the board and NOT part of the ribbon cable...
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    ROM Hack Tutorial: Hacking the text in Pokemon DP/Pt.

    Edit: Mods please close this thread.
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    ROM Hack Hex Editor that can edit by "columns" of data?

    Heres my issue. I'm currently hex editing some files, and they have an interesting header setup. The first 2 bytes is for the list of messages in the file. The 2nd two bytes is the idenitifer, and then after that a pointer/length header begins for all the messages. The headers are 8 bytes, the...
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    ROM Hack Pokémon Platinum - A little more English.

    Patch updated to v3.2! This is NOT a full translation. Version 3.2 IS THE LAST PATCH. There will be no more from me. Notes: Nobody knows if the save file for Platinum Jap will work with Platinum English. It worked for DP, but it may or may not work for this game. The sav files for the patch...
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    ROM Hack Playing with Pokemon Platinum

    When the Japanese version of Emerald and Fire Red came out, I wasted no time and made myself an ugly hack of each game to make them more playable. What did I do? Well, for those games I primarily knew the story, so I figured I could play without That. However, I would constantly forget what...
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    Hacking Upgraded to CycloDS !

    Well I've finally updated my R4 to the CycloDS, and the first thing I want to say is this flash cart is physically SOLID. I never realized how flimsy the R4 was until I held the Cyclo at the same time. Overall, the CDSE seems pretty awesome. It can do most everything the R4 can and then some...
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    Gaming GH3 Controller work with Rock Band Wii?

    I've read mixed reports on this. Will the GH3 controller work with the Wii Edition of Rock Band? I also was told that a generic USB microphone will also work with RB. I'd like to know because I already own the GH3 guitars, and I can easily get ahold of the mic. I'm not worried about drums...
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    Hacking Idea for increased compatability for N64 Games

    Do forgive me if I am mistaken, but I may have a direction some can follow in order to increase the amount of games that work with VC injections. Currectly, we are limited by filesize. Not all games can be tested with all the N64 channels due to the n64 image file being too large. I read a...
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    Hardware D2B: Grinding the IC

    Well, here's my problem. I was modding a D2B (the 3 cut legs), and all was going well. I decided to grind down the IC some, expose the internal traces, and then solder directly to them. I tossed in my YAOSM into the machine and it booted GCOS. So, I go to close the Wii up, and apparently one of...
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    Hardware EZFA: Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green

    Okay, I'm having a very weird problem right now and I've spend all of yesterday skimming google and various sites. I have an EZFA flash cart, and I want to copy Pokemon Fire Red to it. However, when I boot FR, I get the "1M Sub-Circuit" not installed error, but I do not get this with Leaf Green...
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