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    Hardware Left Joycon wireless/handheld issue.

    I recently bought a Switch(old model) and now I'm experiencing an annoying issue with the left Joycon. Basically, it seems it is stuck in wireless mode. I've tried all the methods like reconnecting it, pushing the sync button, restarting the system and such. But the controller just won't leave...
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    Tutorial [HOW-TO] Have a homemade Streetpass Relay

    Has anyone tried the android method on an HTC One(M7)??? I've been trying to, but it always tells me " tethering started with errors ". Says to check the log, but the log comes back blank. My 3DS can't connect to it.
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Got a question, sorry if it has been asked/answered already but this thread is 365 pages long, lol. Will people in Europe be able to download this game from the E-Shop at 12 AM? Or do Nintendo go with 1 timezone for the entire world like 12 AM EST or something? Meaning in Europe you wouldn't...
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    Hacking dstwo possibly died?

    The screw is still holding it together and it doesn't seem like the front/back pieces are coming loose. But oh well, I just accepted the fact that for some reason my supercard won't work anymore. Not too big of a loss since I hardly play regular ds games on it anymore. Thx for all the help...
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    Hacking dstwo possibly died?

    justinwebb I have already tried it on my old DSi, it gives the same message. Isaac No, like I said my dstwo and 3ds were already on the latest firmware and worked fine, until one day it just stopped working. Pong20302000 Tried it, didn't solve it. ------- I get that my supercard...
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    Hacking dstwo possibly died?

    Still gives the same message with wifi off. Edit: How would formatting my 3DS SD Card help with my supercard?
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    Hacking dstwo possibly died?

    Anyone else who knows what might be wrong with my card?
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    Hacking dstwo possibly died?

    Alright, I will try that. Just to note though, that MicroSD card works just fine when I plug it into my pc. EDIT: Alright I tried a different MicroSD card and it's giving me the same message. I also tried the dstwo in my old DSi and it gives the same error on that as well.
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    Hacking dstwo possibly died?

    I have a Supercard Dstwo which I have been running on my 3DS XL( firmware 6.2.0-12) without a problem. However, yesterday after not even touching my 3DS for some time(2 weeks or so) it seems my dstwo will not boot up anymore. It just keeps getting the "an error has occurred/turn of system"...
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    Misc 3DS Universal FC (Friend Code) thread!

    Just bought the Fire Emblem LE 3DS XL Necro 2165-5653-3487 Only have Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter at the moment.
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    ROM Hack Pokémon Special/Adventures Edition

    Just decided to try this one out, but like others I can't patch it. So has there been any update on the patching problems yet? Who's actually able to patch and play it?
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Origin Platinum

    Looks like a nice hack. Was going to download it and try it out, but since you said the new version will be out soon I'll wait.
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    ROM Hack (US) Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 Action Replay Codes

    Anyone else having problems with the random encounter code? You have to reset the code every time you enter a new area, otherwise you'll encounter the default pokemon again. If the code is enabled you'll encounter a random pokemon the first time, the second time you'll encounter another random...
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    Gaming Pokémon Black/White 2 (E, U) AP Thread

    So is White 2 still the only one out so far or has Black 2 joined us as well?
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    Gaming Pokémon Black/White 2 (E, U) AP Thread

    Actually, I just did that and when I opened it on my DS it was the white version. Strange, since I clicked on the Black 2 links.
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    ROM Hack Translation project for Pokémon Black2 & White2

    What exactly is different in V1.3? I just patched my game to V1.2 last night, so I don't want to bother upgrading to V1.3 if it doesn't really update anything.
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    Gaming Pokémon Black/White 2 (J) |OT|

    Just got a question. Don't know if this has been asked/answered before but this thread is now 199 pages long so it'd take a while to find out. Anyway, I'm playing it on my DS2 with no patches(except that 'a002' translation patch) and on clean mode, and whenever I leave and re-enter an area I...
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    Gaming Pokémon Black/White 2 (J) |OT|

    Anyone know if there are any AR codes out yet? I like to abuse audinos to train but it's annoying to wait for that special patch of grass, I know the original black/white had a code so that happens instantly when pressing L or R.
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    Gaming Pokémon Black/White 2 (J) |OT|

    You can switch it in the options menu as well, no need to begin a new file.
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    Gaming Pokémon Black/White 2 (J) |OT|

    Oh, you're right. Changed the language setting and now the translation kicks in, thx.
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