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    AI Dungeon 2

    Latin definitely supports Denuvo, j/s
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    AI Dungeon 2

    Wow. Here's... Wow. > You look at the secrets. There is a file that you need to investigate. It seems to contain browsing history and IP logs for customers. You remember your friend working on a program called "HoneyDuke". > You read all information pertaining to "HoneyDuke" Your friend, who is...
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    AI Dungeon 2

    This is one of the weirdest apps out there, It's an AI that tries to adhere to a "text adventure dungeon" format. Usually it spits out inane gibberish, but sometimes it does gold, like this...
  4. S - portraits generated based on text input

    Woaah AI portraits are always interesting. Some of those are downright nightmare fuel...
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    The thread where I share my recipes

    I posted a "new recipe".
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    Chapter 2 of Toby Fox's Deltarune surprise launches on PC for free today

    It looks OK and all, but I'm still waiting for Toby Fox and Tony Hawk to team up for something
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    The thread where I share my recipes

    I diced a tomato and threw both 'em on in. :rofl2: We cook our hotdogs this way because we know it makes your blood boil just as hot as our dirty hot dog water is boiling. It's not a crockpot/slow cooker, it's a slow-cooker/POWER POT. It only has slow-cook and TURBO POWER. Once it's in crockpot...
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    The thread where I share my recipes

    I don't cook with a book and sometimes I screw it up. Tonight, I did not. Update: September 18th I cooked about a pound of shrimp. It was already de-veined and peeled, so all I had to do was boil it for a few minutes and then throw it in a pan with some butter and garlic. As soon as it started...
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    [POLL] 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

    I voted for the Biden because everyone who keeps cutting me off in traffic has a trump supporter bumper sticker.
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    Let's write a novel one Word at time.

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    Comment by 'Shape' in 'I'm getting chick-fil-a'

    I hope you enjoyed your chikkin bawk bawk, Because it was dripping with evil.
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    Will you take the Coronavirus Vaccine?

    I know someone personally sho developed neuropathy from a flu vaccine (confirmed cause), so... Not until it is tested safe, and maybe not even then, because it may br like the flu vaccine which only protects against the 3 "most likely" strains in a year.
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    [UPDATE] Epic Games to sue Apple and Google

    Illegal matters less in civil court, where this is happening. Civil court tends to revolve more around 'is the contract legal', 'is the contract fair?' And 'is it impossible for one of the contract participants to fulfill the obligations of the contract?". Which Epic is probably going to claim...
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    [UPDATE] Epic Games to sue Apple and Google

    While I generally agree with you, apple's 30% cut is excessive for their company's size. There are several ways this can shake out in Epic's favor thag DO NOT upend our country's laws. In fact, when a contract is found to be 1. Illegal or 2. Without proper intent, a court can ammend the terms of...
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    Nintendo leaks continue, this time featuring N64 development repositories and source codes

    Twist: this wasn't a leak. This was a strategy. Someone just figured out Nintendo's masterplan...
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    Amazon is working on a Fallout TV series, to be produced by the team behind Westworld

    I don't really think the presentation, let alone the tone and humor, of Fallout's plot is compatible at all with the TV serial format...
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    SEGA will be giving Sonic games longer development cycles to hopefully result in better games

    Actually, in my opinion, Sonic Adventure 1 is super dated but a LOT of elements in it would be pretty innovative for speed-based 3d platformers if they were executed properly in a proper remake. Example: some of the platforming segments had innovative ideas, like quick turns, which were...
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    Nintendo has reportedly gone after the Super Mario 64 PC port, making copyright claims over it

    I hate to be the one to point this out, but it almost doesn't matter what the legislation or legal precedent is. Laws, in the USA, are actually the decisions of the court. The law is *not* what's on the books. What is on the books is only THE BASIS of how to get someone INTO court. The actual...
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