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  1. Cryoraptor

    Unpopular Opinions 2.0

    Seeing as the last one got closed because of edgelords, let's start a new one!
  2. Cryoraptor

    Gaming What, in your opinion, is the best System Menu version?

    I'm not asking because I want to change my version (4.2E), but I'm asking in your opinion, what is the best version in terms of compatibility, hackability etc.. I'd argue that 3.1 is the best version since it is the latest version that every exploit apart from Letterbomb works on. Not to...
  3. Cryoraptor

    Misc Is there something I'm doing wrong or is the Wii just an old console now?

    Hello all! So yesterday, I got an AV to HDMI adaptor so I could still play my Wii on my new TV which lacks an AV input. I plugged it in and that's all working fine (occasional screen lags and blurs but nothing unplayable). Then, when I tried to boot CTGP-R, it told me my SD Card was locked...
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