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  1. PuNKeMoN

    Hardware Smash Ultimate & Official Nintendo GCN Controller Adapter

    Looking for guidance I recently tried to use my Official Nintendo GCN Controller Adapter with my stock, up to date Switch and no GCN controller inputs were recognized in either the Switch controller settings menu or when Smash Ultimate was running. Important notes *My GCN adapter works. I used...
  2. PuNKeMoN

    Healthcare in the USA is a joke and I'll tell you why

    Let me start by saying I reap the benefits of Capitalism, and there is much it has done for fostering human development. However, sometimes making a buck gets in the way of destroys the true purpose of an industry. Medicine comes to mind. There's no profits in curing illness, so it is treated...
  3. PuNKeMoN

    Etiquette/Sanitization conundrum: What would you do?

    Hey everyone Here's a hypothetical (but oftentimes real) situation that I'd like to discuss, and despite the off-kilter subject, I am serious here and I'm looking for some serious answers. That being said, I enjoy a good joke so let's have a good discussion! Before we begin, let's define...
  4. PuNKeMoN

    Hardware My OG 3DS (stock) won't boot

    Hey all I'm sad to report that my OG 3DS with Ambassador Program freebies and many many legit eShop games won't boot. I'm hoping there's a fix before I call the Nintendo hotline to do some non warranty work. I hadn't used it for a while and when I finally picked it back up I noticed that the...
  5. PuNKeMoN

    Hacking USB Loader GX acting a fool with Nintendont

    Long story short, my 1tb HDD is 2 partitions. Part1 is about 500GB NTFS for media like videos and music Part 2 is FAT32 and stores my Wii and GC backups I have the newest official version of USB Loader GX. I have the newest version of Nintendont. Wii games play fine in USB Loader GX. GC games...
  6. PuNKeMoN

    Hardware Can you teach old hardware new tricks?

    I have a desktop from the early 2000s I've been tinkering with since I was a teenager. I like the case but jeez I hate the mobo on this thing. A Dell Dimension 8300. Win XP Pentium 4. 2.80 GHz 2.25 GB RAM Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X 3.5" floppy (removed) Generic CD/DVD reader/writer LG...
  7. PuNKeMoN

    Your BEST and WORST dating stories posted HERE

    This is a story about wasted time and vampire lore. So check this, there was this really shy nerdy girl I dated for a couple months. Turns out she was a FREAK. She liked sexting, like role-playing style. A LOT. Like just about every. Damn. Day. She had a thing for vampires so she always used the...
  8. PuNKeMoN

    Nobody who complains about NFL players taking a knee during the anthem stands up for it at home

    Players taking a knee instead of rising for the national anthem as a form of protest is brilliant. It is non-violent, it reaches a massive audience, and it symbolizes what the founders of the USA intended. The action is seen by many as unpatriotic. In the spirit of revolution I disagree and...
  9. PuNKeMoN

    Revolutionizing an industry

    I've worked in customer service a long time. Anyone else who has worked with the general public knows how terrible it can be at times. This thread can ( and probably will ) turn into horror stories about working pretty quickly. I'd like to keep the topic fairly stable here though. Most places...
  10. PuNKeMoN

    Mine Bitcoins w/ Switch?

    I don't know much about generating cryptocurrency but I do know that people mine them the way gamers farm for coins in RPGs. I also know it is a passive income, ie money that you don't work to attain. So I was thinking, I leave my switch on but in sleep mode basically 24/7 so is there even a...
  11. PuNKeMoN

    Android Does the official GameCube controller adapter work with Android TV

    I have an Android TV with RetroArch/SNES9X/MUPEN64/PPSSPP. I have an official GCN controller to WiiU adapter in storage (moving sucks) and I think it would be nice to use my Wavebird on the emu. Has anyone tried using a GameCube controller plugged into the Android TV? Did it work? If nobody...
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