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  1. NDS_N00b

    Hardware Next Nintendo DS Titled "Nintendo 3DS"

    April's fool.
  2. NDS_N00b

    Gaming What games should be on NDS

    A decent (not like Syberia) port of Grim Fandango would be awesome I think.
  3. NDS_N00b

    Gaming Do you feel bad pirating DS games?

    If I really like a game I will buy it, but I wait to get a good deal at ebay or something like it. And usually the game is considered very old. For instance, this week I bought two GBA games: Castlevania Double Pack and Kingdom of Hearts:Chain of Memories (for 15 euros each). Nice deals, no?
  4. NDS_N00b

    GBAtemp Recommends! Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand

    Yeah, it's pretty rare, but i'm a collector so this woud be a great chance to get the game. Has anyone tried the original on a DS/DSL system?
  5. NDS_N00b

    GBAtemp Recommends! Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand

    Hy there everyone! Has anyone tried to play an original cartridge of this game on a DS? Does it works well? I just saw a copy of that game for sale and got interested. Thanks for the answer!
  6. NDS_N00b

    New Portal Layout!

    Fuc*ing AWESOME! The new Scene release layout is great and the new Gaming News are a excellent idea. No wonder this is "The largest GBA + DS community on the web"
  7. NDS_N00b

    Gaming Help with best DS game

    Hy there NintenCraig! Thanks for your opinion, i also agree that Mario Kart DS and Metroid prime hunter are two of the best games that the DS has to offer. Unfortunately, those games were release back in 2005/2006, so for a "Top Game list of the Year 2008" they can't be included on the voting ^^...
  8. NDS_N00b

    Gaming Are the DS Guitar Hero games any good?

    I bought it and didn't regret, although it was my first Guitar Hero game so i can't compare it with the home console version. And the thing with the wrist injuries, believe me, you just have to find a comfortable position to play. I played the entire hard mode play list on guitar hero on tour...
  9. NDS_N00b

    Gaming Help with best DS game

    Hy sphere9 You may give your opinion here, it's not necessary to go to my blog and send a message or reply to a post of the blog, i'm not asking to visit it ^^ I will put that in the first post to clarify people. Thanks!
  10. NDS_N00b

    Gaming Help with best DS game

    Hy everyone! I'm a Portuguese DS owner and quite a addicted gamer I'm afraid (...not ). I have a Portuguese blog which you can visit by clicking here, it's written in Portuguese but it has a link to translate the blog to English (by Google translator, so there will be several grammar mistakes)...
  11. NDS_N00b

    Gaming Wii Games 2009 Preview!

    Awesome topic! Could you make one for the DS? That would be great! Looking foward to get my Wii and start playing
  12. NDS_N00b

    Retro Review Thread #2

    Freakin GRIM FANDANGO! That's one of the best games I ever played!
  13. NDS_N00b

    Hacking Acekard 2i - The new flashcard for DSi

    It's official and already selling, the Acekard team has release a new version of the Acekard 2, the Acekard 2i, which allows to run backups and Homebrews on the new Nintendo DSi. Official site of the Acekard team: Video of the Acekard 2i working...
  14. NDS_N00b

    PocketNES 31-07-2008

    Would you recommend this over NesDS?
  15. NDS_N00b

    GBAtemp Global FAQ starting today

    I think the most important aspect in the F.A.Q. should be the explanation of flashcards and modchips, how they work, the recommended, features, downsides, etc. I think it's the answer most guests and 2-post-only-members (the kind of members that only appear to get answers and them never come...
  16. NDS_N00b

    Gaming Rumor: Chrono Trigger DS

    Thank you Gods of Gaming :praying:
  17. NDS_N00b

    Hacking DS Games manual

    Don't know if this is the appropriate to be asking this, but does anyone knows a good website that has scans of DS Games manual? Thank you so much!
  18. NDS_N00b

    Gaming The most annoying thing in The World Ends With You is...

    There were only two things i didn't like about TWEWY: - the fact that the pins that you get won't be like all together with a number telling you how much of them you have (like when you master them). I do get that pins evolve in diferent ways and with different types of experience points so...
  19. NDS_N00b

    DS #2252: The World Ends With You (USA)

    Thank you so much, i must have overread that part of the tutorial =\ and that is one of the pin i use the most, back to level one eheh- Thank you!
  20. NDS_N00b

    DS #2252: The World Ends With You (USA)

    Wrong type of PP? Sorry but not sure what are you saying...And i'm already with Joshua lol
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