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  1. jackkill

    New Shinobi successor on Dreamcast (Shadow Gangs Demo link)

    I backed a new game coming to Dreamcast and they made available a free demo to run on original Dreamcast. I am waiting for my GDemu kit for my Dreamcast but It works great on Retroarch and Demul. Dreamcast Demo Gameplay Get it here...
  2. jackkill

    Hacking Working Bailkal Linux Kernels for PS4pros on 6.72 and distros

    As many I struggled to get my PS4pro CUH-7215B to work with any distro of linux out there on 6.72. Here I will link the Kernel(s) that worked for me and you can then test them for your ps4 versions if the classic kernels listed bellow don't work (Crash/blackscreen...) [Please share kernels and...
  3. jackkill

    Hacking Get your online PSN account Avatar and name on an Offline activated PS4

    Ok this one is tough for newbies but its rewarding to see your profile pic and name when you use your offline activated account on your homebrew ps4: [Instead of the blank avatar and User1 or else name you chose before you activated offline your account you will have a correct replica of the...
  4. jackkill

    Hacking Offline account activation on 6.72

    [Warning: better use a new account not having any saves or trophies saved on the homebrew ps4, as you'll corrupt it all otherwise.] Steps: On PC/Mac/Linux: - create a playstation psn account on new one is better or use the same you want to transfer your save to on your non...
  5. jackkill

    Hacking PS4Debug.bin for 6.72

    Big thank you to GiantPluto on Github for the prerelease port to 6.72 and updates to PS4OfflineAccountActivator and to creator and @TylerMods from their discord channel for linking to the updated payload for 6.72. And Leeful for providing a working binary from GiantPluto for...
  6. jackkill

    ROM Hack Open Experiment: Replace Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS textures with Wii Higher resolution textures

    Xenoblade Chronicle is a very welcome rpg to the New 3ds. However its textures are extremely diluted. Upon comparing the handled specs with the Wii, Ive found that RAM wise it should be able to run the game with the Wii's higher resolution textures (yes the wii don't have HD textures but higher...
  7. jackkill

    Hacking Hidden features in the DS-X Boot :-p

    I dont know if we will be able to get access to the DS-X sources so that we (us who paid money) can take care of it and add all the features we were promised then. anyway heres a little peak in the arm9.bin, of the dsx boot, of features not used while present. (was looking for implemented...
  8. jackkill

    Hacking NEODS on dsx don't RAM extension !!!

    Im sorry about this post. what happened is that having a clean format and the biggest roms as first copied files make them dont lag anymore. its not the dldi that ive increased the dsxcache in. Im trully sorry. but I maintaint that addapting the dldi to the nand block size characteristic of the...
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