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  1. Yiffna

    Gaming Help needed. Switch broken???

    Hi everyone, I’m after some advice. I’ve collected my switch from a repair shop after having issues with the sd card slot. After I investigated the issue a pin on the slot the sd board clips into came loose. So I took it to a shop and they have supposedly soldered in a new port for the sd card...
  2. Yiffna

    Hacking Refreshing Emunand help needed

    Hi everyone, I’ve been running into issues with games on my emunand. They have been very temperamental and some just not working. The general advice has been to wipe and start again. I don’t want to loose my save games, in particular Animal Crossing. What’s the best way forward and any...
  3. Yiffna

    Gaming Animal Crossing Slow down

    Hi Guys, I’m having issues with Animal Crossing New Horizons. The game is loading really slowly, from loading the game up, to entering buildings etc within the game. Turning flight mode on does slightly help but it’s still far from normal loading times. My internet connection is fine and I...
  4. Yiffna

    TV/Monitor advice needed

    Hi Guys, I'm after some advice in regards purchasing a new TV/Monitor for next gen games consoles. So I've pre-ordered an Xbox Series-X. I normally sit at a desk and play my games consoles so I'm after a screen no bigger than 27". My questions are: Monitor or TV? What specifications should i be...
  5. Yiffna

    Hello and a Big thanks to GBATemp

    Hi everyone, I've been a member for some time and appreciated a lot of the hard and quality work some of you guys are doing. I started modding/home brewing from around the Snes era so I've been at if a fair few years, I've modded so many consoles, the Gamecube,PS1, PS2, PSP, PSVita, GBA, right...
  6. Yiffna

    Hacking Help needed. SYS to EmuMMc

    Hi Guys, I'm in the need of some help. I have games that I've purchased installed on my System which I'm wanting to transfer onto my EmuMMc. Which is the easiest way of moving them across? I've tried SwitchSDTool and struggling to get it working. Any help appreciated Thanks
  7. Yiffna

    Hacking Help needed. Possibly bricked my Switch

    Hi Guy's I'm in need of some help. To cut a long story short i accidentally reflashed my 9.0.0 switch with 8.1.0. The 11th fuse has burned so my switch firmware isn't matching the correct fuses. I've got my switch to boot into rcm, but atmosphere crashs just after the Nintendo Switch logo with...
  8. Yiffna

    Homebrew Question Tinfoil/Google Drive help needed

    Hi Guys, I’m trying to setup tinfoil so it can access my google drive but I’m getting nowhere. Can anyone who has been able to do it successfully give me some settings to go by. Any help appreciated. Yiff
  9. Yiffna

    Hacking Help wanted please RGH

    Hi Guys, I've dug out my old Falcon RGH which is running spot on to say its been stashed away. I've been away from the scene for a fair few years so i've got a couple of questions. - Which is the best program now to compile Freeboot? Is Freeboot still the way to go or is there a new better...
  10. Yiffna

    Can anyone help me with an iPad

    I've bought a second hand iPad 2 not realising it was iCloud locked to the previous owners e-mail address. I've tried contacting them but I'm getting nowhere. Can I remove the lock somehow or have I got myself a nice shiny brick. Any help appreciated Yiff
  11. Yiffna

    Homebrew Retroarch cheat setup

    Hi Guys, Can someone point me in the right direction of how to setup the cheat database on retroarch please. Thanks in advance Yiff
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