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    Hacking How to Buy An AceKard 2i From DealExtreme

    do your hwid 8181 work in a DSI? Mine doesn't and doesn't appear to flash either.
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    Hacking Acekard 2i not flashing correctly

    got mine from dealextreme, about a week ago. runs akaio 1.6rc2 but the card does not work in a DSI even 1.3U. I can flash it all day long with the 1.4 flash from my DS Lite and it doesn't change things. Works fine in DS Lite that is all.
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    Hacking Acekard 2i not flashing correctly

    my new acekard HWID: 81 doesn't appear to flash either. It acts like it does but I don't think it does. It has never worked in a DSi even 1.3.
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    Hacking How to distinguish the real AK2 and AK2i

    I received one just like that last week. Does yours work in a DSi? Mine doesn't work with a 1.3 DSi nor if I updated to the 1.4 Firmware fix on the card does it work on a DSi. Is it possible its an Acecard 2 with the incorrect sticker and box? Does the 1.4 firmware fix run on the Acekard 2...
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    Hacking ace card 2i and danny phantom urban jungle?

    Can you post a link to them? My card always shows up as ak2i in my dsi and i have updated it with the 1.4 new and older patch many times. no changes. works only in ds lite, also didn't work when dsi was at 1.3 firmware.
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    Hacking Any fix for Hg or SS?

    there are versions that work, check torrent sites you will find one im sure.
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    Hacking Save FIx for Heart Gold / SOUL SILVER

    if you use the pokemon platinum arm7 it will be flawless on g6 lite. we played it so far with 0 freezes and up to 8 badges now.
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    Gaming SS Save Request

    you can use a HG save. my HG save loads up just fine in SS.
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    Gaming Pokemon Heart Gold And Soul Silver Chat Thread

    What now? So I have defeated the elite four, collected all 16 badges, and defeated red, what am I supposed to be doing now in this game? This is the first Pokemon game I have ever played. I won basically just using Typhlosion. Here is my roster I used to win. Typhlosion 93 ho-oh 49 slowpoke...
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    ROM Hack [lang. hack] Pokémon HG / SS USA Freeze solution

    try making your folder names simple. like c:\patch and making the patch file simple name as well. I had a problem when I had complex name that had ! marks in path.
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    ROM Hack [lang. hack] Pokémon HG / SS USA Freeze solution

    well my 10 yr old son thanks you.
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    Hacking People who ordered DSTT from Deal Extreme

    Order 1-3-08 Receive 2-5-08 Ship to: Michigan, USA From: TAI PO Post Office, Hong Kong So far I am liking the product. Paired it with a kingston 2gb microsd card. Seems very fast to load games. -HR
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    Hacking Configs for Zelda PH (g6 lite)

    Works for me with G6 lite (which i must say is ancient). I am using the new 4.8d loader and manager. I used the default settings but I had to do trim rom. Otherwise it just booted the game to a white screen only. -HR
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