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    The Dubstep uprising.

    Anyone realised how dubstep has exploded in popularity in the past year, when i started listening is was all underground and was never played in daytime radio, now i hear dubstep on radio 1 in the UK, and also its getting very popular on youtube. Does anyone think that dubstep will start getting...
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    Hacking Stick with my supercard or go with acekard?

    Hi. I have a supercard sd which i have had for a few years, it all works perfect but with the lack of updates and etc i dunno if i should keep it, would it be a good idea to upgrade to an acekard, i will also be using it in a ds phat.
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    Gaming GTA: CW wifi help

    Hi. When i try to sync my stats the game tries to connect but there is no signal bars coming up and when i test the connection in the options it doesnt connect either but when i tested the connection with another game it worked So does anyone know how to get it working?
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    Hacking GTA on supercard sd

    Hi. Does anyone have a working method on getting GTA working on my supercard sd, i have updated my software and firmware to the newest version and still doesnt work. help please.
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