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    Hacking Can you test something from me [PixelButts request too]

    Hi everyone! I come in the name of PixelButts, who ive been just talking minutes ago. Im making PS3 preservation for Redump and i found some weird behaviour in my PS3 with the language startup on some games (we are trying to make sure all the games on are DB have the correct languages marked)...
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    ROM Hack [Request] Exp Multiplier Cheat for Dragon Quest VII

    Hi, I have Gateway and today i looked what cheats have Dragon Quest VII Eur Version [000400000018F000] and i hoped their would be something like the Pokemon ones with a 2x 3x 4x Multiplier Experience when you win a battle. I love the game but i want to speed it a little because its not like i...
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    Hacking Now that Scene is reborn... Any chance of SD Adapter?

    Sorry if people perceives this as something really noob but i really need to hear your opinions as Vita Memory Card format is the only thing that prevents me to look for a secondhand Ps Vita. After Henkaku explosion and Team Freak's Vitamine 99% chances of being true... Cobra Black Device has...
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    Hacking What about GW Time Machine?

    Excuse me guys, but this is something i need to ask about your opinion because i havent hear absolutely anything about with all the A9HL stuff (which for the moment is brilliant seeing all A9HL Work on the GW post). What the hell is happening with GW Time Machine? It was the real catch for...
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