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    Need For Speed: The Run trailer leaked

    Hur_5DikibE source1 source2 EDIT: confirmed plataforms: wii, 3ds, xbox360, playstation3 and pc EU date: november 17 US date: november 15
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    Gaming now you can play the world's biggest pac-man!!!!

    hell yeah!!!
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    Pandora's Tower will have support for classic controller

    source castlevania like boxart lol
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    Duke Nukem forever delayed

    source lol, it happend again again
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    Sega announce 3ds virtual console line up

    source i hope neo geo pocket hit virtual console
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    Game Center CX2 (retro game challenge) getting fan translation

    source project page
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    Rhythm Tengoku WII gameplay

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    Street fighter creator would love to make nintendo X capcom

    source that would be awesome! i'm not a fan of fighting games but i realy want to see it someday
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    final fantasy type 1, 2 and 3 joins type-0

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    3ds event confirmed - january 19

    source oh yeah, i can't wait!
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    A horror game that you use wii balance board

    source the vitality sensor would make more sense, i hope it gets a english release.
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    Radiant Historia get localized

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    Cave Story dsiware date announced

    source same day as golden sun *happy face*
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    Need For Speed shift 2: unleashed trailer

    source edit:forgot source
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    The First Moron To Break His TV With Kinect

    source but he can't blame the controller and.. oh wait. i knew it was goin to happen but not this fast lol
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    meet the 3ds shop channel

    source ps:no sound
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    sonic fan remix demo avaliabe for download

    you probably remember this right? now you can download it:!download|802|4...demo.rar|103123
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    update for cave story avaliable on wiiware

    source already updated mine
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    [RUMOR] new sonic game to celebrate sonic's 20th anniversay

    source sounds to good to be true.
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    battle & get pokemon typing ds gets a... keyboard?

    source just how the hell you plug it in? ._.
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