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    ROM Hack Possible to hack Galactrix?

    The PC version has been modded to remove the gate hacking. I'm wondering if this is possible to do on the DS version?
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    Hacking GTA Performance Issues

    Firstly, I'm using: DSi, AKAIO 1.4.1 with 17/4 dated loader. Transcend C6 4Gb, formatted with Panasonic Formatter. I've found that a clean (U) dump of this game runs rather choppy with DMA - Quicksave (default). I tested with default (green), blue and red modes. I found that red (old DMA)...
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    Hacking Notice: Using NDS Backup Tool Wifi On DSi Doesn't Work

    If you were hoping to get some save games from your legit game carts using this app with the DSi think again. It refuses to read any of the cards you try to insert. Thankfully I have access to a lite to use, but not everyone will. I thought it be good to let everyone know, since I'm sure I'm...
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    Homebrew Henry Hatworths + No$GBA 2.6a = No Go

    I tried giving this a quick lookie only to get this error when I try to load it up: FATAL - Undefined opcode - with no debug vector defined. Not sure what this means. Maybe I have a dud rom?
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